Friday, September 8, 2017

Trick Eye Museum

was really excited when both Mr Ang and I received an email invitation to visit the Trick Eye Museum in Resort World Sentosa in the month of September as part of Teachers' Day celebration... 

so we made a trip down during the Sept school hol as part of our monthly 'Happi Wife, Happi Angs' and i was so so so glad that the entry was complimentary .... my heart will bleed if i had to pay for the visit.... totally not worth it... oopx... =P 

maybe it was because we had been to similar optical illusion museums in Korea, Japan and Thailand, so even with the Augmented Reality feature at the one in Singapore, it didn't fascinate us much... it didn't help that the app wasn't compatible on our phones too... Mr Ang's phone hung after installing the app while the pics and videos taken with the app on my phone were super blurry ... cheap phones dont work well with atas apps... =S

just 2 pathetic pics of me for this outing cos Mr Ang is totally not into this kind of 'action' posing ... =S

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