Saturday, November 11, 2017

Baking Cookies @ APSN Centre

 Nov's Happi Wife, Happi Ang was celebrated on 11 Nov to commemorate our 100th monthniversary as a couple... 

I signed us up with Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) social enterprise department to bake 100 packs of cookies with 2 of their trainees.  

so along with Angela, Alvin and his gf, Yin Siew

we dressed up like Toad from Mario with disposable shower caps and aprons that were provided for hygiene purpose... wahahahaha

trying his very best to work the toad look... wahahahaha 

we split into two teams.... Angela, me, Ren Xuan and Lee Min

vs Hubby Ang, Miki, Alvin and Yin Siew
 as per the last visit, our job started with weighing the cookie dough into 10g and rolling them into tiny dough balls.... 

Ren Xuan and Lee Min were really accurate and fast in their estimation and was on point 90% on their first weigh... 

while i was having 8g, 12g dough balls and had to kept on adding/removing bits of dough to almost every one of mine before any of them was at the perfect 10g ... =S

the pre-baked cookies looked so much like mini meat patty... so cute.... 

480 cookies in the oven... =D 

all in white shoes for the day.... yes... that not so white shoe of Hubby Ang used to be white too..... =P 

placing the cooled cookies onto the conveyor belt to be individually packed and stamped with the expire date

then it was packed into bags of 6

affixed with the APSN stickers and they are ready to be gifted away... 

110 packs of yummy handmade cookies.... =D 

us with Miki, the instructor, and students, Ren Xuan and Lee Min... 

Lunch was at mystical cafe within the centre... it's open to public and manned by the centre's students as well... 

i had the nasi lemak 

Hubby Ang had buttered mussel with coconut rice 

salted egg yolk fried salmon skin 

fried prawn roll

patrons can pay a meal forward too ... the post-it 'framed' in the centre of the board is a meal paid forward by President Halimah 

the centre is located at Kembagan-Chai Chee Community Hub @ Jalan Ubi S(409074) ... do check them out if you are interested in ordering yummilious cookies for birthday, wedding favour, xmas etc .... it's not a must to join in the baking process.... the cookies can be ordered then picked up/delivered to you... 


 our celebration continued with dinner at Rice & Fries the day after too... 
luv the pumpkin soup.... thick & creamy much

fried salmon skin with salt egg yolk sauce  

beef rice bowl for Hubby Ang and BBQ pork collar rice bowl for me ... mad luv the  63 degree egg... 

our favourite lava cake to perfectly end off our 100th monthniversary weekend.... =*

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