Sunday, December 31, 2017

Friends meet up 2017

as the years go by, our family commitment grows, we make more friends, we have more work-related stuff to look into, we have new priorities and obligations in life hence i find that committing one's time to meet up with friends from all over to be increasing difficult as we age.... 

so i am extremely thankful for all these friends who makes the effort and heart to remain in contact or to re-connect in 2017... luv all of you deep deep.... =* 

the adv dippies 

2 meet-ups this year with the 2012 P1 teachers...

with the 2 new junior members

with the artsy teachers from JPS 

babes from NIE at Mab's house warming, especially for us.. =) 

ex - colleagues from my first job at Uncle Yew Cheong's house warming 

with Jess, my very on-the-ball financial adviser since year 2000

24th student council with our +1/+3 @ James' house for steamboat 

the babes from JC ... the group that skipped class together... =P 

two official occasions for secondary school pals to meet up this year.... this was at baby Teo's 1st birthday party 

and the other was at xiuting's church wedding ... 

and not to forget, my solo trip to Perth to meet the Teos... =D 

reconnected with primary classmate, Jasmine, last year and am extremely glad that Xiao Ping, another primary classmate, could join us this year.... was so amused when she told me that she remembered me because of the school bus accident that i got caught in that resulted in 3 stitches to my forehead when we were in primary 3... 

meet-ups that missed the camera this year .... Mr Tay, Lina, Auntie Fei Mee, Bernie, Xinying & Vivian  

Yeah to more meet-ups & reconnection next year... =) 

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