Monday, December 18, 2017

Heritage trail @ Tiong Bahru

woke up to a loud "Oh Shit" from hubby Ang close to 9am... this was at least 2 hours after his alarm was supposed to wake him up so that he could join his friends on a heritage + nature trail @ Kent Ridge Park and Raffles Place area ... it was part of his "Singapore Kaleidoscope" course this semester in NIE that seeks to help teacher trainees gain a rich, multi-faceted perspective on Singapore.

He was in a pek chek + panic mode initially as missing on joining his friends this morning = he had to go on the trails himself since it was an individual project that required him to go on 2 trails (heritage + nature) then submit a self - written song / PPT presentation / video about the learning acquired on these trails... I was NOT willing to join him as Kent Ridge Park did not ignite any interest in me at all...

somewhere along his grumbling was the word 'mural' and although i was still in a sleepy mode, the word was interesting enough for me to reply him that we could do a heritage tour @ Tiong Bahru... one idea led to another and here we were on our way to Tiong Bahru ...

saw pretty pretty housing with lots of greenary along the walk from Tiong Bahru Mrt station to Tiong Bahru market where my childhood almost every Sunday dinner place is located.... 

happy to see the old school way of laundry drying ....  =D

the start of many "到此一游" or as coined by Mr Ang "" pictures for his project submission... 

found the write-up for the street name that we were on

surprise to spot a glaring error... how can they not proofread this multiple times before installation?!?!?!?! 

Spotted our first mural, Mama Goat, it is one of three huge goat decals at Tiong Bahru Market by Ernest Goh to usher in 2015's Lunar New Year

a gust of wind and this Styrofoam board which was originally flat on the ground beside me 'stood up and walked' into frame before going back to its rest position right by the goat decal.... heng not 清明 or 7th month or we might just pee in our pants.... =P 

so sad, my childhood almost every Sunday dinner 'place' wasn't open on Monday.... missing the fried pig intestine porridge that used to be so yummilious good that daddy chua would insist on having it almost every Sunday night, rain or no rain, got parking or no parking available... wonder if it is still as good.... 

received 2 packs of tissue paper which were very appropriately designed... heee 

plenty of priority seats & tables at this food centre... =) 

our feasting began... =D 

his favourite fried shark meat lor mee

durian ice-kacang for him and mango milk ice for me... 

received this on our way out ... good deal?

spotted this signage right out the market... so there's an official heritage trail @ Tiong Bahru.... found this map from cheekiemonkies who got it from the Straits Time
nope... we didnt follow the map as it was found while doing this blog post after we got home.... yup, the research on the trail was only conducted after the trail.... and by me, not the project-doer... 

i was more interested in the trail than the 'student' himself, just like how parents are more enthu about project work than school kiddos .... oopx...  

wished that the trees were shorter ... =S 

more pics of the old school housing @ Tiong Bahru ... interesting read about these hdb can be found here 

antique letter boxes and window grills 

finally spotted the first out of three painted mural by  Yip Yew Chong, an accountant who took the initiative to contact the relevant authority to ask for permission to paint them... 

"Uncle, one bowl of curry mee please". 

waiting patiently in line for his turn... 

这位先生不是在 disturb 猫, 就是在 disturb uncle... 真欠揍!!!

spotted Papa Goat peeping @ us from across the road... =P 


nice car!!!

started the trail with lunch @ Tiong Bahru Market and ending it off with coffee and croissants @ Tiong Bahru Bakery.... this is call "有始有终"... =D 

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