Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nature Trail @ Coney Island

Part 2 of 陪太子做功课

by right, we should cycle from home sweet home to Coney Island and back since both of us do have a bicycle each.... but by left, we took the bus from home sweet home to Punggol Park and hopped on to our first ofo bikes because ... 
  1. according to Mr Ang's 'research', that's the shortest ride possible (骗人的)
  2. usage of ofo bike is free for the whole of December 
  3. we don't have to wash the bikes after the sandy / muddy ride... =D
  4. No need to heartache over the tires even if the path is paved with gravels 
  5. we can just ditch the bikes and transfer to the bus or even the cab as and when i decide to call it quit... wahahahaha 

my first bike was squeaky... =S 

though the sun was indeed strong i doubt it was the reason for these over-exposed shots.... 

swooped onto our 2nd set of ofo bikes which were much easier to ride with 

took a rest near Whisk & Paddle then i realised that we could save close to half an hour of cycling if we had taken the LRT to Riviera la... that's y all holidays are planned by me instead of Mr Ang.... 

bought myself a can of cold green tea while Mr Ang was chatting with his business partner.... 
was 放空-ing, lost my balance on the bike and toppled into the bush ... =S

真的是不运动没事, 一运动就受伤 ... luckily it was just a tiny cut on my right palm


I am so glad we weren't riding on our own bikes across the puddles... 

finally reach the signage to Coney island

sleepy dog on a hot hot afternoon... 

FINALLY finally after an hour on the bike under the hot hot sun, we reached the entrance of Coney Island!!! 

Heard so much about this place and saw many pics of friends posing in front of this gate when it was first opened ... this place better be good to worth the cycling under the hot hot sun ... =S 

but no....much prefer macritchie or east coast park.... 

took a selfie while Mr Ang was busy on his phone with his car dealer... his new car is finally ready to be collected in a week's time.... =) 

welcoming us at the other end was this sorry state of pollutants.... =(

ditched the bike and hopped on to bus 84 to Waterway Point at Punggol Settlement... =D 
Mr Ang, "Good Job Wifey. G-double-O-D-J-O-B, Good Job [clap clap] Good Job [clap clap] 

a simple lunch @ umi sushi to end this learning journey.... 

i will make sure Mr Ang wakes up on time to go for ALL his nature trails in future!!! 

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