Thursday, December 21, 2017

to Changi airport with MX & Agnes

MX invited me along for her date with Agnes to Changi Airport terminal 3 ... 

happy to see Han Sai Por's sculptures on display when i entered the airport from the bus terminal.... she's one of the artists whose work will be introduced to my P2 kiddos this year... 

Lunch was @ Ramen Champion 
the kani salad looked so appetizing that i just had to order it even though it was at $9.80... =S  

after which we headed to the departure atrium where there was a 2 minute laser & bubble 'show'

the whole set up was really very xmas-y.. luv luv... so we snapped and snapped and snapped lots of pics.... =D

can check out Agnes' blog for more pics that we took.... 

lunch cost over $60 so we got to purchase this 'My Melody' soft toy @ $8.90 for Agnes... =D 

cute hor???.... 
(pic kopped from Agnes's blog

PTL offered to buy one for me but as much as i like the 'Lala' soft toy for its cuteness & prettiness, i don't have the habit of collecting soft toys as i really do not know what to do with them except to let them collect dust at home... so i dont have a single soft toy at home... =S 

anyway, continued our shopping at the basement and spotted this at The Cocoa Tree
it was selling at $5.30/ pack with a Buy 3 get 1 Free promotion... texted the 3As and Alfred requested for them... blessed his friends.... wahahahaha

to the Hello Kitty Cafe after shopping, not because we were hungry or tired and needed a place to rest from the shopping ... it was just because it was HELLO KITTY CAFE and there was NO QUEUE!!! .... much to our happiness!!! 

Agnes shared with us that this double ribbon Hello Kitty was designed especially for this cafe in Singapore oh 

we ordered a tea set for 2 @ $20++ to share as we were all still very full from our lunch... the tea set consisted of 2 drinks, a slice of cake and a cup of yoghurt with 1 choice of topping.... quite worth it.... 

enjoyed the outing much although i was not feeling optimal that day ... Hope both of u had fun too... =) 

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