Monday, January 1, 2018

7th Wedding Anniversary @ Pince & Pints

Mr Ang and I have survived 7 years of marriage life.... yes... 7 years... the notorious 7 years which is also known as the 七年之痒... 

as school started on anniversary day, we celebrated the anniversary on New Year's Day... he decided on Pince & Pints @ Katong after seeing mx's & jianing's pic on fb... he has been craving for lobster since all the Angs, except him, had a taste of it at Lobster Shack on our separate Perth trip last year.... 

Happy Angs on our way out for a lobster anniversary meal... and since it was our first lobster experience together, I declared it as our Jan's Happi Wife, Happi Ang activity too.... =P

anyway, bar & clear kitchen concept on the first level where we were seated 

menu in a cage... 

Hungry Angs while waiting for our lobsters

sleepy + puffy face Angs due to late night online movie the night before and the many nights before... it all started with catching the movie, Pitch Perfect 3, to watching Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 online, then decided that we miss watching dance movie too and went on the complete all 5 movies in the Step Up series and eventually ended off the movie 'marathon' with School of Rock.... 

humongous bowl of lobster chowder @ $38... rather huge serving that satisfied 2 hungry tummies.... =D

lobster roll @ $58++ for me... the lobster serving was generous (claimed to be the whole lobster) and the bun / bread that came with the lobster was also yummmzzzz.... both of us made the wise choice to top up $3.50 each to change our fries to sweet potato fries too.... =D 

Mr Ang's lobster set @ $58++

happy hubby attacking his lobster 

an even happier hubby attacking the lobster pincer 

our plates were totally clean.... that was how yummilicious everything (except the salad) was 

along the same stretch of shops happens to house my favourite ice cream shop at the moment... Birds of Paradise... i luv the lychee sorbet with thyme cone while Mr Ang opted for double choc gelato 

ending off the day with our daily snuggle.... dun know if it is because of the cold weather recently... even the pups are treating me as their pillow oh so often..... hahahahaha.... 

Hubby dedicated this song to me via fb on our anniversary day and i want to say, "Hubby, 被你找到是我最伟大的成功. 你的坚持造就了我们的开始, 我们才会有今天的幸福. Luv u lotzzz."

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