Monday, January 1, 2018

Hyee 2018 ... Please be Good too!!!

after streamlining my yearly resolution process for 2017, i realised that this year's resolutions are more or less about the same important aspects (Point 1 to 6) of my life that i need reminders in... so here goes;

(1) Stay HAPPILY married to Mr Ang

Our monthly Happi Wife, Happi Ang activities 
shall continue with creating even more memorable experiences together this year...

So far, these activities have been lined up...  =D

(2) Spend QUALITY time with the Chuas and the Angs

target remains as one activity / trip per family per semester, not including all the get-fat-together makan sessions ....

happiness is that a Sydney trip for 蔡家 is in the plan to visit our 蔡三宝 in Mar / Sept... =D 

(3) ENJOY work

leaving work on time on as many days per week is still top of my list to ENJOY work... also hope to work well under my new HOD cum RO... working well under P and with my team of P1 math teachers on implementing differentiated instructions in their teachings is also high on my to-achieve list this year...

Try out flexible sitting and more material explorations for my art kiddos

continue to personalized my art room

survive art club 

(4) STAY healthy

eat less carbo, fast food, ice-cream, and snacks, eat more fruits and vegs... drink less teh c ice & BUBBLE TEA, drink more water... walk more ... take less lift in school....

(5) Be GOOD

participate in at least 5 Be Kind SG activities with at least one interactive activity this year?!?!?!...

(6) Stay CONNECTED with friends

meet up with everyone whom i had connected in 2017 and hope to re-connect with 2 more friends who have lost regular contact with ... & take pics with every one of them.... =D

(7) Complete my online drawing course

bought a 62 lectures, 11 hours video online course from Udemy during black Friday 2017, yet to start on anything despite being super duper free during the December hols... =S... really really need to be more discipline in upping my art skills... 

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