Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kumar for Beyond

Dinner at Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Liang Court before our February's Happi Wife, Happi Ang activity with Kumar @ Zouk... =D 

enjoyed a great laugh and doing good together... all proceeds from the ticket sales goes to aid the beneficiaries from Beyond Social Services. .... i like... =) 

人在 the new zouk in Clarke quay, 心却想着 mamboing @ the old one.... wahahahaha

collected our tickets @ the entrance which came with 2 drink coupons each.... we exchanged them for 2 glasses of green tea and sprite.... 真的是老了!!!

 another lovfie while waiting for the show to start.... =D

though we were early, tons of other people were even earlier,  so we had to made do with watching the tv screen for the first half of the show.... here we have Kumar interviewing one of the beneficiaries from Beyond Social Services

we managed to secure a spot nearer to the stage after the break... =D 

 It was our third show with him in the last few years and he still managed to crack us up with all his racist, sexist jokes.... =P

Ending our date night with Starbucks coffee redeemed from the gift card that Jess gave.... =* 

no worries on the caffeine, still slept like a pig for the night.... =D

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