Saturday, March 24, 2018

26 + 10 hatchday treat from PTL

adding another tally to a super late hatchday celebration with PTL... only 5 months late this time round... one month shy of breaking the record of half a year back in 2012 when he was based in Bahrain... =P 

because of the rain tat afternoon, the original plan of dinning at haji lane was substituted with lunch at Itacho Sushi @ Bugis 
he asked me to hold it up... i tot he was scanning the QR code to place our order ... (-_-!!!) 

caramelised omelette

my favourite - avocado with soft shell crab  

curry lobster, cheese fish roe and lobster salad sushi for me  

crab chawanmushi for me too 

then we walked over to Ah Chew dessert
yam paste for me and some chap-ba-lang dessert for him    

highlight for this outing was a visit to the camera museum located at 8C, 8D Jalan Kledek, 199264 (Kampong Glam area) 

i like how tall and slim i look here.... 我好像真的有瘦一点哦!

there was a discount and we paid $15/ pax 

given a booklet with information which we could refer to while browsing through all the exhibit

these pigeon cameras weighs up to 75g each and were used in war

a replica of the largest camera in the world, known as the Mammoth Camera  

many many 老古董 cameras were on displayed 

found one that's as old as us.... 

one of the oldest cameras in this museum 

A little corner with trick museum style of pic oppt  
Great seeing you here Sir

the day ended with mahjong with Laurice & mabelene and i won $60.... it was a lucky day for me....  free food, free museum visit and free money... =D 

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