Sunday, March 11, 2018

Day 1 of Bangkok - Pratunam & Neon Night Market

Dily daly till the 11th hour to pack my luggage for the trip and these 2 fur balls just had to come and 凑一脚... super cute to see them taking turns to be in the luggage... wahahahaha

then Mr Ang also came and act 一个 emo with the pups.... the 3 emo-beings who had to stay home 

while mama went on a holiday with the chuas -1 and +1

order two 4G SIM card online via KLOOK at only S$8.20 each... original price was 299 baht (S$12.60)... collection was super fuss free, there wasn't any queue at the counter and staff helped to set up the cards too... =D 

took the airport express rail (5 stops) then transferred to the MRT for one more stop to reach our 4 bedrooms + 2 toilets apartment near Phra Ram 9 station... 

apartment lobby 

lousy shot of the dinning area and living room 

bedroom for Alvin & Prasaad 

bedroom for Alfred  

bedroom for 蔡 mummy & me 

that came with a huge bathroom... bath tub on the left and a separate shower area on the right 

chanced upon our first snack - yam + coconut kueh @ 20 baht per box before having dinner @ 

a very satisfied Alfred with his 2nd & 3rd plate of salmon... damaged was 599 baht per pax... 

as it was still early, we popped by the 7-eleven at our apartment lobby
purpose was to buy potable water, ended up with much much more than that.... wahahahaha 

took a break and off we went to Pratunam Night Market  
Alfred's first purchase... 

interesting truck cafe concept... 

Pretty pretty ice-cream @ 80 baht each 

a short walking distant away from Pratunam Night Market was the newer Neon Night Market 

spotted a pig in one of the cafes, there were snakes, tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, porcupines, cats too... didnt really like this cafe as some of the animals were kept in very small containers.... =S 

nothing much caught my eyes and these were my only shopping loot from this night market... 

this was what i walked into after my bath.... the power of centralized charging ... 

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