Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mr Ang's 30th hatch-week

Welcome to the 30s hubby... 

i booked the whole Tunglok Xi He Peking Duck Restaurant @ The Grandstand for this celebration.... 
just joking.... it just happened to be empty at 5+pm on a Thursday... =P 

look is deceiving... this unappetizing 拼盘 was yummz.... consisted of fried mango prawn mayo in beancurd skin, salted egg fried fish skin and fried bbq pork bun 

rice in seafood broth ... i very much prefer the lobster version at Orchid Live Seafood restaurant @ Jalan Kelulut

though there were only two of us... though we had already ordered 3 other dishes.... but how could we not order the peking duck at a peking duck restaurant... that would be too disrespectful right?!?!?!?!.... 

so did we manage to finish everything???... of cos not.... we 打包 the duck back to the chuas in exchange for Ben & Jerry's ice-cream.... =D  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

难得的 date night to Switch on Friday

banner on display outside Switch for a new radio channel ... my kind of songs.... oopx 

The Switch Gang ... the singer with pink hair is good... 

Erdinger for him, Mango freeze for me 
and our 下酒菜

with & without flash 

goal of the day - used up all $200 credit on the day of expiry 

the 3 musketeers who failed at achieve the one and only goal of the day... wahahahaha

had bought the Gold 588 onsen package from Yunomori last May ... all 7 members enjoyed the experience much and Alfred, mummy and I agreed that we would pop by often to utilise the balance of $200 and all were confident that it would be an easy feat... but no lo... we only made the effort for a return visit on the very last day of the package just because we didn't want the $200 to go to waste... and on this very last day, only 3 of us were available... =D

all food & beverages at 15% ...
luv the azuki (red bean) latte 

second mini jar of milk for Alfred 

Yuzu ice-cream for me 

Alfred's favourite oden 

nuaing @ the lounge after the onsen - maximum shiokness 

so shiok i took an hour plus nap there and there and so shiok i bought another Gold 288 package... wahahaha... and promised 洪妈妈 that we will bring her and 洪爸爸 there on 14 June as part of Father's Day celebration... =) 

His dinner craving satisfied at Sin Heng Claypot bak kut teh 

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