Friday, November 19, 2010

angela's prom

A Pretty Angela
today is angela's prom event... both of us were pretty excited over it since a few months back when she decided to attend the function... did some trial and error with the usual prom dresses and find that they are totally not suitable for her ... so decided to go against the norm and dress her in something which she finds it more comfortable and confident in ... the cute chic look we called it... =)

total damage:

hairband - rm$5.90, pants - rm$49.90, vest - rm$10 (sponsored by mummy)

blouse with chain - s$49.90, shoes - s$25.90 (sponsored by me)

how i wished i had bought everything in msia lo.... =(

anyway, with michelle phan on youtube

and the limited make up that mummy and i have

i created this.... =)...damn proud of myself la...

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