Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 9 Blog Challenge - A picture of myself last year

Day 9 Blog Challenge -
A picture of me last year - how have I changed?

the last blog challenge i did was in March... which mean i had alot of things from then to now to blog about till i dun need a blog challenge to have a blog entry... but this also mean that now i m damn bored and had run out of things to blog about la... =(

as usual, A picture is never enough for my blog... hee.... so went to this computer archive and found that i have photos dated back to 2006.... that's 5 years ago oh... so tatatata.....

December 2006 - in my very first month of braces
with a super oily face which i always say, i could fry an egg on it if it's hot enough.... gross... =)

August 2007 - Bintan with Mab & Laurice
before i did my lasik, cut my hair and was still in braces... in first year of trained teaching...

December 2008 - Bangkok with Chun Yang, Ailing & Joycelyn

did lasik, cut hair...braces still on...enjoying my big bowl of sharkfin... =)

June 2009 - Pengarang with a lot of people

braces finally off... =).... and was still able to cycle for 1-2 hours in one stretch

December 2010 - Vietnam with Joycelyn

me a year ago.... 2 weeks before i became Mrs Ang and moved to hougang... =)

found out that i only have individual photos when i travel... hee... and looking at these photos, i m CONVINCE that i din age much... at least din age by 5 years... wahahaha...

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