Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happi Hatchday Singapore

hApPi 46th HaTcHdAy SINGAPORE!!!

National day is always fun.... cos got school celebration and it's a half day.... wahahaha.... followed by 2 days off.... those of you who are not in pri, sec or JC wun know or remember that August 10 is also a school holiday bah... it's a rest day for the kids who participates in the national parade so those who din participate gets to leech on and enjoy the rest day too... woohoo... =) ...
proud to say that i had watched the live parade at least 4 times liao... once when i was in p3 cos grandpa gotten the tickets from the cc where he was very actively involved in, once in P5 as part of national education and twice with my current school with the P5 kiddos.....
Despite having a national day theme song every year.... i feel that the two most popular ones with the primary school kiddos are;

(2001) - Where I Belong - by Tanya Chua 

and (2005) - Reach Out for the Skies - Rui En & Taufik

Think it's because these two are more catchy bah..... personally i like them too cos their lyrics are easier to remember and i get to hum along whenever we have sing-along practices starting one week before national day itself...

my kids had so much fun waving their little flags during the sing along sessions and i strongly encouraged them to do so as well... more fun mah.... until my little cedrick came running over to me to tell me that he's going to wave his flag during the flag lowering song (NATIONAL ANTHEM) one evening.... wahahaha.... nonono, i told him...it's a different kind of national SONG la.... kids are really cute (when teaching is not going on)

well, to 'celebrate' national today and while waiting for jc classmates to arrive for a gathering at home sweet home (and boy, thay are really late), i went youtubing and listened to all the national day theme songs which make its tribute in 1984;

1984 & 85- Stand up for Singapore

1986 - Count on me Singapore
1987 & 88 - We are Singapore

1990 - One People, One Nation, One Singapore

1998 - Home

1999 - Together

2000 - Shine on Me

2001 - Where I Belong

2002 - We will get there

2003 - One United People

2004 - Home (again)

2005 - Reach out for the skies

2006 - My Island Home

2007 - There's no place i'd rather be

2008 - Shine for Singapore

2009 - What do you see?

2010 - Song for Singapore

and for this year, it's "In a Heartbeat"

Personally I like home

and There's no place I'd rather be...

=).... easier to sing... recent years one too jazzy for me....

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