Monday, August 20, 2012

My new hobby - claying around

My new hobby - claying around 

as mentioned in this post, all P4 art teachers + myself went thru a 2 hour clay illustration workshop using jumping clay so that we are equipped with the skill to teach all the P4 pupils to make small clay items to be included in the teachers' day goody bags which my committee will be preparing. 

Realising that there was excess clay after all the lessons were conducted, and together with the sample packs which were given during the jumping clay competition briefing, i decided to try to make a few pieces myself...and i got addicted.... spent my whole weekend making clay miniatures one after another with video tutorials found on youtube... 

after spending 2 weekends on this new-found hobby... I proudly present my creations.... =D 

Angry bird series requested by Jess

(Cartoon Series)
Top from left to right: Scrump, Sabo Kappa and Keroppi
Bottom from left to right:  Jack Skellington,   Cookie Monster  and Elmo


Micky & Minnie Cupcakes

these are my favourite.... they are small enough to be made into earrings lo.... and the only person i could think of who may be willing to wear these on her ears is Ailing.... 

Under the sea series 

Food Series 
Top left is a purple macaroon
second row left is a minnie mouse shaped pretzel
last row left is 3 peas in a pod

Insects Series 

Robot & Monster

Land Animals .... yes, dinosaur was once a land animal... =P 

There are over 40 of them and the number is growing every other weekend... managed to get casing for them from Diaso ($2 shop)... =) ... so happy

You can get Jumping Clay from ... Each 50g pack is about $4.70... alternatively, Popular Bookstore sells them too.... 

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XY said...

This is so damn cute!
Next, maybe u can mould fondant and combine powers with Vivian and bake Lucas' 1st bday cake! (shameless request from me)