Monday, November 5, 2012

Effective Drawing (4) - Edge

after comparing my work to my coursemates' ones during our weekly homework sharing

mine is like super clean la....i think i super lack the confidence to make any marking on my art paper.... or am i afraid to draw in the wrinkles and "fine" lines leh??? oopx.... am in self-denial .... 

anyway, in this 4th lesson, we learnt about 

and homework for the day - draw thy hand.... 

Step 1 - position hand under the view finder 
i chose the "twist" sign 

Step 2 - outline hand with a marker 

Step 3 - using "coordinate geometry", fixed in crucial points and joined the points to form the drawing 

Step 4 - add and remove shading by observing how lights fell on my hand

I m so liking my drawings nowadays.... hahaha.... cos they are finally at least 70% 象 what i was drawing liao... heeee... =D 

this was the easiest homework thus far ...... i can feel that my eyes are getting more and more sensitive towards lines, edges and shades.... which means my right brain is really awakening..... yippy ya yo.... 


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