Sunday, March 10, 2013

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin

Did my first blog challenge when i first started on this blog.... then ended it off with a number blog challenge because i thought i dun need a blog challenge to get me blogging.... 

so wrong.... after 3 yrs of blogging, after 2 yrs of marriage life, after 6 years into the job, life is just so ---------------------- BORING and repetitive..... =S

nowadays, most of what's worth recording for future reference is about who i met and about which restaurant i visited and about some of the craft i made, dun mind blogging about holidays though just that there's no sight of the next holiday yet... =S

so went online to look for a blog challenge and the first one on the google search list is "Blogging from A to Z April 2013 Challenge".... hmmm.... though i strongly believe that i wun be anywhere close to 'Z' even till end of the year, i m just gonna use it as a framework on days when i run out of blog topic yet am in the mood to blog ... TODAY would be an example of such a day...

Let's start with A:

The letter 'A' reminds me of the 3 As i have at home
me with Angela, Alvin and Alfred

together, they form the no. 3 in my life, just behind mummy and Mr Ang..... 

the experience in guiding them, motivating them, talking sense into them, giving them tips to handle mummy's drama and loving them makes me go through "motherhood" since the age of 26

i m a proud sister looking at how well they turn out to be... i want them to stay happy, stay healthy, be good people and have a peaceful life ... =) 

my wish is to really really stay close even when we are old and have our own little family oh.... 

A is also for Acne, Art, ATPP and Advanced Dip

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