Tuesday, May 7, 2013

T stands for Taichung itinerary - 2013

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I
J stands for Jobs
K stands for Kitchen deco
L stands for Life is good
M stands for My Man and his 1st car
N stands for NTU
T stands for Taichung itinerary

yeah yeah yeah..... finally it's letter T... i can finally blog about what i had planned for my trip to taichung this june... =D

Day 1:
- reached taoyuan airport at 540am (yes, you read it right... flight at 1255am)..... =S
- breakfast at the airport, buy easy card and apply for youth card for alfred 
- turn left at the airport exit and walk to the far end to board bus to taichung city. no need to book bus in advance. just buy ticx at the counter. 
- luggage need not be brought up the bus as there are luggage compartment. 
- 2.5 hours bus ride @ NT$240 (S$10.50) 

Why the 2.5 hr bus and not the 1h high speed rail (HSR) leh???
Cos we have PLENTY of time to spare from arrival at 6am till check-in at 3pm and taking the HSR will require a change of a 20 minute shuttle bus to the HSR station.... 

- arrive at taichung around 10am+++
- deposit luggage at 53 hotel and wish that they allow us to do early check-in
- NT$2731 (S$118.74) per night for a room for 4 ppl
- free wifi and breakfast included.... =) 
(actual day post)

- doraemon exhibition... free shuttle bus (93) from taichung hsr station from 23/4/2013 - 21/7/2013... 9am - 5pm... NT$220 (S$9.50) ...can buy ticket from 7-11, ok mart, family mart or at the entrance... (actual day post) 

- head for yi zhong jie and feng jia night market for street shopping and FOOD.... =D 

(actual day post) 

Day 2:
- booked a cab for day 2 & 3 at NT$9000 (S$391).... really lazy to lugging the luggage on public transport and also dun wanna waste too much time on the road... travelling from one place to another outside of taipei can be such a chore..... =P

(1) Rainbow village 
- all the super colourful paintings on the wall, doors and road are painted single-handedly by an 80+ year old grandpa to save the village from being demolished.

(2) sun moon lake 
- a super beautiful lake surrounded by small tribes/villages 
- can take boat ride / cable car
- visit nearby temples & shop

(actual day post)

(3) Paper Dome
- a church made entirely from cardboard tubes...as if not amazing enough, it was first built within 5 weeks as a religious centre after an earthquake destroyed more than 60% of the building in Kobe, Japan in 1995. It was then donated to Miaoli, Taiwan in 2005, an area heavily damaged by the 921 earthquake. 
- admission fee of NT$100 (S$4.40). Can use the ticket to exchange or top up for food/drink/souvenirs for the same value. 

(actual day post)

(4) 18 degree C chocolate factory
- not a factory but a very famous shop selling super nice chocolate and ice cream
(actual day post) 

Final stop for the day - Starry minsu at Cing Jing  
- NT$3300 (S$143.50) per night for a room for 4, include breakfast and steamboat dinner with free wifi too
- it's the highest minsu in Cing Jing with a fantastic view, provided it's not foggy la
(actual day post)

Day 3:

(5) Green green grassland
- a big patch of green with plenty of free roaming 羊 meh meh
- can get to watch  羊 meh meh and horse stunt show too at certain timing.... =) 
(actual day post) 

(6) Carton King 
- another attraction that is almost entirely made from cardboard, from the big deco in the surrounding garden to the tables & benches in the restaurant

(7) Jiufen 
- visiting this place just to buy the 奶油太阳饼 which is just different from the 太阳饼 from other parts of taiwan.... 

(actual day post)

(8) Shifen - 放天灯@十分
- had fun setting off the 天灯 last year with the Angs, so wanna let alfred and mummy enjoy the experience too.... =) 

Final stop of the day will be in Taipei... have yet to book the accommodation and no concrete plan for Day 4 - 6 at Taipei too.... =P .... with alfred and mummy around, guess it will be just street shopping and street eating the whole 3 days.... wahahahaha...


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Anonymous said...

Hello, do you still have your planned itinerary and the guide contact whom you can share by emailing me : mabelinehuang@gmail.com.
My family and I are going there in end June next year.. And planning on Tai Chung, sun moon lake and Cing Jing too.


Tom said...

Hey Tang Tang,

Great post and pic on Taichung! Do check out our post on things to do in Taichung as well!

Happy Travels Everyone!