Friday, June 14, 2013

18 degree C chocolate factory

last stop of DAY 2

the super famous 18 degree C chocolate factory

which also sells gelato

we bought 2 big cups at NT$140 (S$6) each...we had 3 sorbets (plum, mango, lime) and 3 creamy type (sesame, chocolate and swiss chocolate) ....and yup... it was worth the trip to purposely be driven here just for this gelato... =) 

Just how good is their business???..... we were there at 4pm+ and 10 out of their 18 gift box were sold out!!!!!

though not a fan of expensive chocolate cos they were never sweet  nor milky enough for me.... i insisted on buying a box... macadamia nuts choco in a beautiful box at NT$250 (S$10.80)

and this was the only piece i ate..... wahahaha..... 

while i was indulging in choc buying, mummy was next stall indulging in her childhood joy which came in a cute package

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