Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jiufen + Shifen

Jiufen is a long long way from Taichung .... it was a little after 6pm when we reached....  

yummy dessert for me

jiufen old street

finally got to eat the peanut + ice cream +  popiah thingy which was missed out last year.... yippy

another form of self-service - trust in human mankind 

Oh no.... the 太阳饼 stall which mr ang requested was closed by the time we reached.... =S

another part of jiufen old street which i missed out  last year... there's really a difference when there's a guide

bought a plentiful of foodstuff

洪妈妈's favourite almond powder

my favourite 姜茶 cubes 
NT$200 (S$8.60) each, buy 3 get 1 free... equating to about S$6.50 per pack.... very worth it... =) 

another of mr ang's favourite 
it's like super chewy jelly ... google about it and found that it's called konjac 


小江司机 drove us over to shifen for 天灯 via some dark winding mountainous road..... and we reached in less than 30 minutes... =) 

omg....i sure looked preggy here.... but no, i m not..... 

began with our sky lantern but got attracted by the fireworks just behind us... heee.... 

NT$300 (S$12.95) for firework that we couldnt get to play back home... =) ... we just had to try it on our own.... 

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