Friday, June 14, 2013

Sun Moon Lake

2nd stop of the day

S$12.95 each for mummy and me while $10.80 for alfred due to the NT$50 discount when we made payment with the Youth card... =) 

enjoying the famous 茶叶蛋  at NT$10 ($0.45) each near 玄光寺 jetty 

scenery around 玄光寺 jetty while we waited to board the ferry again

was a rainy day hence no clear blue sky = no picture perfect photo .... =( 

got down at 伊达邵 jetty and wandered around the shops nearby

luv luv how colourful this super old school game is

special pork satay at 3 for NT$100 (S$4.30) ... quite ex ah???

bought this pin set for myself thinking it was a magnet set... =S
$690 ($29.75) 

and this, 25% plum wine, for NT$50 ($2.15) for an alcoholic friend to add to her ice-cream.... =) 


headed to the nearby peacock farm

but sad to find out the peacock were not let out due to the drizzle.... =S 

else they would be allow to free roam around this spacious open space lo

sad peacocks and other birdies who wouldnt be let out due to the drizzle.... =S



where mummy and alfred tried to push home a ship of wealth 

living statue working in the temple

opposite the temple is this stairway of dates that starts with 31 december at the top




thank god mummy's birthday was the furthest... 
climbing up 5 months (aug - dec) worth of stairs was no joke.... 


lunch at some local delight store which 小江司机 brought us to


tan said...


you mentioned not going back to Taichung from cing jin? how did you get back to Taipei?

you have taxi for day 2 and 3? so the taxi driver stay over night at cing jin too?


Candy Chua said...


we booked the taxi for 2 days 1 night... he stayed over at cing jing too and at no additional charge.... apparently, some stays in cing jing provide free accommodation to cab drivers who sent customers over.... so do make a check when you engage the drivers.. =)

Candy Chua said...

you can refer to the following post for the contact of the driver i had engaged.. =)