Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yi Zhong Jie + Feng Jia Night Market

Done with the Doraemon exhibition and alfred got attracted by this unique cooking/food station at 7-11 at the taichung high speed station.... basically you just pick what you want into the bowl and pay for it at the counter...

a bowl with 6 - 7 pieces cost about NT$60 (S$2.50)

we LOVE it..... especially the white carrot.... YUMZ!!!!... how yumz???? This is bowl 1 of 3 for the day.... wahahahaha....

lobo duo relaxing while waiting for the train back to taichung train station.....

while i stared at the confusing train schedule.....

luckily a friendly train marshal came over and offered his help... =)

though official check in was at 3pm... we decided to test our luck and popped by 53 hotel to ask if our room was ready at 1pm.... negative.... =(... no choice, have to loiter somemore... so decided to head to Yi Zhong Jie

bought their version of ezlink card from 7-11 at NT$100 ($4.30) and top up another NT$100

took bus 83 (bus 88 also can) from the bus stop outside taichung station and within 10 minutes, we reached yi zhong jie, a street where street shopaholics can go crazy..... rows and rows of shops selling apparels, accessories, bags... just think bugis street but a lot better... 

but none of us were really in the mood to shop.... we were all sleepy from the lack of sleep and sticky from the humid weather after the rain.... =S

mum bought 2 pairs of berms for alvin at NT$300 (S$13)
while alfred bought the stylo-malo bag below at NT$690 (S$29.75)

came in super handy.... i unloaded my water bottle, umbrella and first aid kit into this immediately after payment.... wahahahaha


we were super happy when it was 2.40pm.... cos it meant that it was time to travel back to hotel 53 for check in.... time for bed..... =D

had our 2nd  7-11 speciality before heading out

took bus 45 (bus 5 and 35 also ok) and 30 minutes later, we reached the famous Feng Jia Night Market

where we went on a food frenzy 

(1) rib eye roll beef cooked under direct fire at NT$100 (S$4.30) 

(2) kimchi flavoured chicken sausage at NT$35 (S$1.50)

made of real chunks of chicken meat.... yumz!!!!

(3) NT$50 (S$2.15) for a bowl of korean rice cake with an egg

(4) NT$100 (S$4.30) for german pork knuckle 

 super yumz...super crispy.... not fatty at all..... 

(5)  japanese pancake at NT$90 (S$3.90) 

(6) crispy prawn crackers at NT$45 (S$1.95) 

 another love.... =)

 (7) NT$50 (S$2.15) for sliced cold cuttlefish with special sauce

(8) NT$50 (S$2.15) for a charcoal grilled corn which we totally do not know how to appreciate.... =S

realised that after 4 bus rides for the day, we only got deducted NT$5 ($0.20) each on our ezlink card cos in taichung, no fare is deducted if the distance travelled is less than 8km per trip.... =) 

ended our day with a trip to 7-11 again to stock up on cup noodles

and our 3rd bowl of that 7-11 speciality 

end of day 1


Joanne Jiajia said...

Hi, can I'm ask u what about ur luggage ?
U check in 2.30pm... N before tat u shopping at the yi zhong street? Thx^.^

Candy Chua said...

we reached taichung at about 10am so we deposited our luggage in our hotel (which couldnt allow us to check in earlier) which was opposite the train stn b4 venturing out again.

Joanne Jiajia said...

Thank you.