Sunday, June 29, 2014


i concluded that the white streaks on these mountains were indeed SNOW.... it's amazing how one day, we could be in the desert and the very next day, we were travelling towards mountains with reminisce of snow from the last winter... =) 

a very excited me who insisted on many many shots with the 'snow mountain'... heee

couldnt take the freezing cold wind so kim and i took turns to put on another pair of jeans/pants.... wahahahaha

those who gets ready first has more exposure.... wahahahaha... 

the ranger station located at the Peak of Yosemite where we paid usd$20 as 入门费

Look closely, can you spot the couple who were descending from the boulder? 

another couple who were just enjoying the cold breeze while lazing in their inflatable.... so sweet and chillax.... i like 

crystal clear and freezing cold water 

emo colour for a emo person.... 

My favourite place for the whole trip!!!!

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