Friday, October 31, 2014

Hatchday Celebrations (4 & 5) - with lene & joyce

mini-celebration with BFF, Charlene, since secondary school days... we met up on Children's Day which was a school holiday for me and she took half day leave just to spend the afternoon with me to treat me my birthday lunch and to pass me my pressie...

couple pillow case.... so cute...reminds me of all the cooking mr ang did in tasmania.... must do task for this hol is to find bedsheet cover and bolster cases in the same colour family... hee... 

she even threw in two 2015 calendar which she bought at a charity bazaar from Gentle Paws ... one for Mr Ang and one for yours truly me... =) 

Then i have Joyce, ex-supervisor from SL turned pal, who treated me dinner at Grub at Bishan Park 

made the right choice of having a pork burger.... one of the most yummilicious burger i had so far

 prawn spaghetti for joyce  

worse churos ever.... so not sweet despite it being sugar coated... yuck!!! 

grateful for friends whom take the initiative to meet up with super no-initiative people like me.... =P 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

33 reasons why I fancy being me

inspired after reading why 90 reasons why "we secretly fancy Mr Lee Kuan Yew" last year and the newer version on 91 quotes from him for his 91 birthday this year.... 

And since he has a hand to play in the life that i am having now and the fact that i always like to do things in alphabetically order or in number list, i shall make a list for myself too during my birthday month and yes, I am 33 this year..... 

33 reasons why I fancy being me

(1) i luv that I am generally a happy and contented person. Nothing really keeps me mad or upset for long. thanks to having a small brain that cant remember unhappy stuff for long... heee 

(2) i luv that I am healthy, as declared by Dr Candy myself ... hahahahha .... to me, being healthy equals to 身体无病无痛无大碍 and this reminded me that i have yet to book for my complimentary full body check up from prudential... =P ...thanks Jess

(3) i luv that I am a Libra which means i am born to be fair. Actually, more to, i enjoy being fair.... it makes me feel that i am a better person just because i am and/or try to be fair to all my kiddos and to the people around me.... 

(4) i luv that I am easily contented and hence i feel that i am more appreciative and definitely living everyday happier with less complains and resentments... 

(5) i luv that i am not into the top range of branded stuff like prada & channel nor the latest gadgets like iphone & tablets .... the most expensive 'branded' bag that i gotten for myself was a $300 Coach bag 2 years ago.... and after the US trip this June, i promised myself never to get any more coach, kate spade or micheal kors unless i get them from premium outlets.... and if it comes a day when i am into channel, prada and lv, i shall only get them in europe... heee 

(6) i luv that i am a rather chillax person who dosen get stressed out easily... yes, i do kpkb from time to time when things screw up but i am glad i am those who can 临危不乱 and focus on getting solutions or to look for alternatives rather than going into panic mood easily...

(7) i luv that i am a procrastinator who at the same time is efficient enough to do last minute work and still meet all deadlines... wahahahha... 

(8) i luv that I have been financially independent since age 18 after graduating from JC. Funded my uni allowance with tuition assignments and am always proud that I paid for my own uni education, my braces, my lasik, all my hols, my part of home sweet home all with my own earnings and without using a single cent from the chua parents... guess this is the positive outcome from a family where the freezing allowance method is used to get the parents' msg across.... =S

(9) I luv that i luv travelling... travelling allows me to experience unique cultures and experiences which i do not have access to in Singapore.... holiday plan now include another bangkok trip in nov with hong mama and hong papa,  royal carribean cruise with the chua family in dec and a korea and Bhutan trip in 2015...woohoo... happiness... Travelling also allows me to see and feel how fortunate i am to be born and living in Singapore. 

(10) i luv that I am a Singaporean. Even when given a choice, I would still choose to be born and raise up in Singapore.... thanks for the equal education opportunity and career opportunity and most importantly, the safe environment. 

(11) i luv that my home sweet home is just across the road to a clusters of 24-hour coffee shops, atm, book shops, 24 hour ntuc, salons, clinic, grocery stores etc...99% of anything and everything that I need is just across a street... =D

(12) i luv that my home sweet home is getting dolled up little by little, corner by corner, bits by bits, wall by wall ... yes, even after 4.5 years in home sweet home, deco are being put up whenever i am free (read - sch hols) or when i come across good buy (read - sale) ... heee.... this allows me to stay fascinated and happy with home sweet home even until now oh... just put up brownie's and snowy's name on our family wall with letters from typo this evening ... =) 

(13) i am appreciative that I have a mum who did not abandon me even when times were hard and against her... Her parenting methods may not be the best or those that i prefer but i know, she will definitely be the last one around even when the whole world desert me... 

(14) i am appreciative that I have Alfred as my sibling number 1. One who is so nua, giving and obliging to all my nonsense requests and one who dosen go against mum much.... thanks for your contribution to the chua's family.... u will be the perfect bro if u curb ur spending on games to within ur allowance though... =P 

(15) i am appreciative that I have Angela as my sibling number 2. One who is gifted in making me pretty....used to be my manicurist, now my make-up artist..... wahahhahaha... all the best in ur make-up diploma....

(16) i am appreciative that I have Alvin as my sibling number 3. The joker of the who is always fun to hang out with.... one who turned out well even when environment wasn't favourable. 

(17) i luv that I have Brownie (right) as my dogther number 1. So fluffy, so round, so loving and is forever so excited and happy to see me every day and every time I return home, even when i am only out for 20 minutes to buy things across the road... i guess dogs are the only living things in the world that still stay so madly in love and show their love to the people they see every single day... congrats on finally able to jump onto and off the sofa on your own after 3 years... wahahaha.... 

(18) i luv that i have Snowy (left) as my dogther number 2. So small, so cute and so jumpy. am so happy that you are finally happier with us... i can see from ur dashes around the living room, ur initiatives to be hugged and cuddled that you are no longer as timid as then... and congrats on finally being accepted to sleep on our bed just because u would sneakily jump on it after i fall asleep.... 

(19) i am appreciative for the bad dads i had whom taught me the hard fact of life that i have only myself to depend on when times are bad and how to appreciate all but be attached to none.... i believe in reaping what you sow, one down, one more to go... 

(20) i am appreciative for all the hard times in life which makes me a stronger, know what's important in life, more appreciative person now... but these kind of hard life, once in a life time is more than sufficient liao ah... oopx

(21) i luv that my vocation is a primary school teacher which means i spend most of my work time around children which are so much easier to work with than complicated adults. And because of their petite size (especially the lower pri) and innocent faces, it's difficult to stay angry for long.... i can for one moment be angry with one for not handing in his/her work or forms or worksheets persistently and the next moment smile at him/her for paying attention and staying focus in class... all in the span of 5 minutes?!?!?!?!

(22) i luv that my form class is 2 Honesty this year.... not that i enjoy being a form teacher who has to deal with all the admin work and to handle discipline issues and parental concerns.. what i luv about this class is the kids... i teach them math and they have grown to be very motivated to reach their potential in excelling for math, helping and teaching their friends during peer coaching time and taking initiatives to show their own petty issues... 

(23) i luv that i am teaching art at 60% of my teaching periods this year which means that i have one less core subject to stress on drilling the kids to churn out results and definitely one less subject worth of workbooks and worksheets marking and correction and re-correction chasing. 

(24) i luv that i am moving towards teaching a subject I see more values in. I believe that learning for the young ones shouldn't be so stressful. It should be more fun, more experimental, more exploration and definitely not about memorising and regurgitating perfect answers in exams. i just hope the kiddos bring their art materials and homework (or at least bring their incomplete work and try to attempt to continue with them in class) so that less time is spend on nagging about responsibility and hence more time on art creating....

(25) I luv that my art pupils are "receptive" to the art lessons i shared. There are so much more sharings, discussions, gallery walks and group work especially for the upper primary. I really need to learn how to slow down a little and remind myself that there's more to art learning then the final artwork for display ... 

(26) i luv that i am in-charge of the art fund in school to buy whatever i or my art teachers need for anything relating to art.... be it paint, canvas or salt and flour.... as much as it's a hassle to do art shopping for the school on many of my weekends, i am super happy to get all the good deals off the rack then purchasing them through suppliers who, most of the time, deliver inferior products. And sometimes, it's just way too time consuming sourcing for art suppliers and having to meet them then send order form, receive delivery order... 

(27) i luv that I have a hubby who fits into my ideal both in physical attractiveness and emotional attachment... He is my secondary school days' ideal of 又,又,又可爱, my jc days' ideal of being sporty and possesses leadership qualities, my uni days' ideal of 痩痩高高又聪明 and finally to my adult days' ideal of 疼我惜我接受我.... basically, he's everything that i want in a hubby package... 你让我觉得超幸福的喔!!! 

(28) i luv that i have a hubby who does most of the housework while i only need to iron the clothes... 

(29) i luv that i have a hubby who is oki with my super nua-ness, super no like to queue, super no energy, super no creativity when it comes to dates, would rather stay at all when it's too sunny or rainy.... wahahahaha

(30) I luv that i am married into the Ang family where hong mama and hong papa are such sweet in-laws. heard so much scary stories from friends about their clashes with in-laws so i am really really thankful for what i have .. =) 

(31) i luv that my feet are a size 35-36 which means that i can just try on any pair of shoes on the display shelf without having to trouble the sale personnel... =) 

(32) i am looking forward to finally moving out of my comfort zone after 7.5 years and venturing into a new terrain next year.... i never thought i would leave but i guess different bosses means different directions means differing outlooks... hurray to 从新做起.... which means can slack around at least for 1 year since i will be considered a newbie right?!?!?!? wahahahahaha...   

(33) I LUV THAT I AM FINALLY COMPLETING THIS ENTRY after working at it for 2 weeks .... wahahahahaha.... 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yuan's & Tony's Wedding - Dinner reception

the dinner recep was held at Carlton and i was tasked  to do the deco of the recep area .... 

slogan from me, design from my art mentor..... like i always say, i may be an art teacher and the school art coordinator but in no way, am i an artist... so i had to rope in my colleague for help....such a pretty signboard right???? How i wished i had seek her help for my own wedding too.... 

bought some scrapbooking paper and stickers from paper mart just a day before the wedding and a "class fund" box was created as the ang bao box on the wedding day itself ...  cant help that i always work best at the last minute.... rope in 蔡小妹 to help too... heee 

motivational stickers in yellow school bus packaging that were bought at science centre during one of the learning journeys a few years back came in handy on this happy occasion too...

 conical flasks were loaned from the school science lab... =P

instead of the usual sitting arrangement list, they have it as a class attendance.... =) ...and we are seated at table 23 with chunyang as our class monitor.... wahahahahaha.... 

and for all my "creativity", i was awarded with another pink packet...  真的是恭喜老爷,贺喜夫人啊!!!!..... dun i sound like a 媒婆instead?!?!?!?!.... wahahahhahaha

Hubby came early and we took a welfie before everything starts 

i assume the above pic was taken during or just after this segment below... blush blush blush 

for dunknow what reason, i particularly luv this photo of yuan, me, casper and yuan's sister

姐妹们 with the bride

RSS gang with the couple 

Yeah... 第四对开花结果了!!!

the stuff that got me really excited at the dinner recep.... photo booth.... heee

one with the  姐妹s

and another one with the RSS gang

first march-in with bubbles.... 

was really having lots of fun at the photo booth that i went and took 2 more in between the dishes.... oopx 

yes, 蔡妈妈 was at the wedding too upon yuan's father's invitation and was seated at a different table from 蔡小姐.... 

second march-in

the one of a kind 交杯酒 with beer for the newly wed whose love blossomed over beer every friday after work ... =) 

 after thoughts:
i was more stressed up over yuan's wedding due to having to do the recep deco with my pte ltd 'artistic skills' than my own wedding where i had everything taken care of by Mr Ang, his band of brothers and my troupe of 姐妹s.... i definitely had lesser sleep the night before ur wedding than my own wedding too... hence the dark eye rings.... 

but i really enjoy myself lots.... thanks for the opportunity to be so involved in your wedding.... cheers to 20 years of friendship and the many more that comes and do consider Mr Ang and me as ur travel kakis whenever possible too... i promise i will try to nag him into a safer driver..... heeee

祝一辈子的幸福, 恩爱与甜蜜... =*

Photo credits: 
Yuan's official photographer - Leslie Photography
And the many amateur photographers with handphones... =) 

Yuan's & Tony's Wedding - Gate Crash

Yuan was my wedding 姐妹 3 years ago and it was my turn at hers a month ago.... luv this vice versa role cos it really means a lot to me.... =*

Yuan's make-up was already done by the time i reached her place at 7am... 

her make-up artist was really good... Yuan's make-up was in prefect condition throughout the day and she looked really sweet that day too... 幸福的女人最漂亮... =) 

2 busy "students" of the bride rushing to complete the 'homework' of the day... =P 

student Candy preparing a PSLE 4-marks word problem for the groom and his 6 "students" who couldn't make head or tail of it at all.... tsk tsk tsk for Mr Lee and a waste of my brain cells to modify the question until  the answer is 37  which is yuan's shoe size...

student Wen writing out the timetable of the day under the supervision of our class moniter, student Pei  

a very pretty and happy Ms Aw all ready to be picked up by Mr Lee

yes, you should have noticed by now, by the bride's order, all the 姐妹s  were decked out in AJC uniform with geeky spects.... three of us were wearing our personal spect hence they were not as humongous as those Yuan had prepared for us... =P 

上课了!!!and to prevent the teacher and the students from dozing off during class, we provided them with cheerful green acupuncture mats to stand on.... =D... so thoughtful of Pei... heee

Lesson 1: Physical Education 

push up component 

yoga component 

teamwork component - 齐心合力吹出答案

no.37...... correct!!!! 

Lesson 2: Food & Nutrition 

A healthy breakfast  

Yuan's super cute niece whose favourite food is tomato chipped in to  help the boys  ... =D

Lesson 3:  CCA time.... Mr's Lee favourite pastime

Find the missing tile in the ice-bucket inspired by the ice bucket challenge 

Lesson 4: 大合唱 for the hokkien song 歡喜就好

their singing was so atrocious that yuan's auntie decided to give them a helping 'voice'

then this unruly bunch of gangsters just pushed through the 姐妹s and crashed into the WRONG room.... wahahahahaha....

but eventually still managed to find the treasure of the day.... =)


wedding car on the way to Seletar Reservoir for more photo taking  

and in Wen's car, our busy class treasurer was counting the coins in our 'class fund' 

our 收获还真不错... and yes, our 收获 included the 4D tickets, and no, the number 0609 wasn't among the winning number that night.... 

was super excited when we saw this drone which the videographer was using 

while the photographer was busy with the couple 

we were busy taking wefie too.... heee


 祝百年好合, 天天都甜甜蜜

when our powers combine, we have captain planet.... wahahahhaa.... just joking.... merely showing off our loom bracelet which tony's niece had made for all of us... heee 

final photo of the day session

Photo credits: 
Yuan's official photographer - Leslie Photography
And the many amateur photographers with handphones... =)