Thursday, December 25, 2014

adv dip BBQ@ Pauline's

view of the compound from the BBQ pit 
mega luv the pool.... it's huge and super swim-able with separate sections for water play and Jacuzzi.... envy seh!!!

the expert fire starters busy at work... =) 

Pauline's signature dish - Potato Salad 

sesame sauce as salad dressing which all of us went crazy over it... =) 

there were also satay, beef chop, otahs etc etc.... 

Pauline is really a very experienced BBQ host, on top of all the yummy food she had prepared and ordered, she even prepared desserts.... clap clap clap clap!!!!

coco chips heated over the flame as choc fondue dip  

more treats... Anisah brought mango, peach, durian and strawberry strudel from ritz.... 

and Rafidah brought mini hole-less doughnuts

Tricia presented Auntie Pauline with a box of choc for the BBQ invitation... =) 

pressies exchange time   

we drew lots and; 

Team Anisah receiving from Team Angie 

Angie from moi 

moi from Pauline

Much thanks for the gifts and sweet note... hugs!!!

Pauline from Sherine

Sherine from Fee

Fee from Fid

And finally, Fid from Anisah 

cheers to a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year and to more gatherings!!! ... =) 

ending off the great evening with tons of sparklers fun... =) 

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