Monday, December 8, 2014

Goodbye JPS

memories of bosses and colleagues whom i am grateful for :

Thankful to all these 贵人s who had either helped or provided opportunities for me to develop my work competency and mastery.... 
with Lina, my favourite boss, formerly Aesthetics HOD, now Science HOD, my RO for last year... the one whom i always run to whenever i needed help with anything related to school.... it dosent matter if my problem has anything to do with her portfolio of Aesthetics&/or Science, she will still gladly help and offer very practical advice and guidance which i am super thankful for... 

her current watapp's profile pic of her with the thank you card i got for her... =) ...sorry for stalking... heee

she gave me a painting from Mdm Zakiah

and wrote my farewell msg behind it

she also gave me a Coach keychain

deck in my Coach shoulder bag and Coach lanyard for school everyday, i think she gotten the hint that i am a Coach fan... heee 

attached the keychain to my wristlet (yes, from Coach too) which houses my ezlink card, coins and keys.... =) 

with my art mentor, Mdm Zakiah who painted another canvas with a very meaningful msg for me.... 
luv the painting and i also know why she wrote this msg but i had to disappoint her as i really have no interest in flying... i prefer to just stroll in my career... better still, just stay in the same spot.... i really just wanna be a happy ordinary teacher.. i am very satisfied with my current rank and pay.... please just let me stay where i am till i retire la.... 

my partner in crime for art, Ain,... thanks to her accommodating nature, she is always saying okie to all my art requests... okay to participating in A is for Art, okay to planning the art trail, okay to update the activities at the art wall, offered to take over the planning of the P5 arts learning journey, and many more okays 

Lastly, thanks for this box of artistic cookies 

and when the power of the art coordinator (me) and the music coordinator (hui miin) combines, we have the Aesthetics Pink Pair... wahahaha.... 

it was her who offered to help in the first art exhibition in 2008 when i was only given 2 weeks' notice to get it up... it was her who agreed to give aesthetics day a try in 2011... it was her who supported the decision to launch the arts learning journey last year... it was her who had to do mid-year review/year-end reviews/spark report/strat plans with me... and she will be the one who will get the bulk of my admin work when i left.. paiseh paiseh oh!!! 

with Lynn who game me this spring onion look-alike air-plant below
 it's so easy to look after that i just left it 'hanging' on the edge of the our wall deco 

with sweet neighbour, Deborah

another neighbour, Joanne, who was a student in my form class - sec 1/3 when i was doing permanent relief in Woodlands Ring Secondary School way back in year 2000.... such a small world and was really surprise that she remembers me after all these years.... 

with Auntie Fei Mee, the forever cheerful and sweet librarian...she fits into my childhood ideal grandma mold to a T... always smiling, always bubbly, always have sweet and kind things to say, always so nice.... and she sewed this "Hungry Caterpillar" tote bag for me... i like.... i am going to use it as one of my art bags in my new school... =)... the lower primary kids are going to luv my bag too.... heee 

din get to take a pic with Mdm Kwe who gave me this card... forgot that she need not be around on work week... my photo spree only started on the last 2 days of work week... =(

from xiao mei

wallet that came with a sling ... in the exact same shape of bright pink as my current wallet from Charles & Keith... =) 

Last but not least, the fiesta group, the group that always had mid-week de-stress junk food day with domino pizza or kfc on almost every Wednesday... =P 

here we were, with our honey comb which were so so so disappointing.... for the price of $5.50, our (more to my) expectation of the soft serve must be much (or at least 5 times) better than the one at mac, but no... it was way too hard... and probably because it was honey comb, it was way too sweet too.... =S

erni was suffering from shingles and couldnt join us for this gathering during the work week... this sweet lady gave me a whole set of stationery from The Paper Stone... so pretty... really 不舍得 use them lo... especially the notebook... 

One of my regret from jps is not having a photo with my ex-principal, Mrs Mano. She definitely played a very important part in getting me to where i am today as a teacher and as an art coordinator of the school.. 

memories of all (most of) my form classes: 

2 Grace in 2007

(Jiaru, Kaitlyn, Zoey, Amirul, Hui Xin, Xin Xin, Alan, Li Ming, Hamzah)
(Syarahil, Kavin, Wen Leong, Jorge, Zhong Zhi, Jun Yu, Sharon, Izazi, Zhe Yin, Kim Ee)
(Farysha, Jah Fong, Kaisyah, Justina, Su Qin, Wei Kiat, Amirul, Shamugan, Mian Yan, Irfan)

2 Kindness in 2008

(Merwin, Dedrick, Huijie, Rakesh, Shah Budin, Bee Leng, Isabella Tan, Rika, Riva, An Qi)
(Eeis, Puteri, Kellie, Qin Yin, Adillah, Joshua, Anthony, Danial, Kugen)
(Jiexing, Idzni, Dyer, Jim, Kobbikaanth, Wei Ling, Amanda, Azriyani, Jannah, Vicki)

1 Care in 2009

(Afiqah, Sze Yee, Yan Ling, Danica, Hui Ning, Jing Kang, De Xiang, Chen Hang, Wing Liam, Afiq Azri)
(Afiq Danial, Timothy, Dhaarshan, Jun Xiang, Xin Ying, Kai Li, Tharuka, Glynis, Ivy)
(Ning Yuan, Phoebe, Farhana, Elly, Jing Wen, Rio, Yit Kiat, Max, Adam, Wilson )

1 Diligence in 2010
(Russul, Adrain, Kai Yuan)
(Eimen, Sibi, Sriram, Zhi Hao)
(Thiyesh, Ilario, Soo Xun, Darren)
(Kavya, Dharani, Jiayi, ?? Nicholas)
(Weile, Peiying, Mei Xuan, Ellysha)
(Elvie, Nadira, Fitri, Matiin, Jiayu)
(Valarie, Rifayia,Vivek, Syawal, Jason)

1 Honesty in 2011
(Thekshaiya, Jing Wen, Rachael Yam, Zavier, Jason, Sidarth, Maximus, Chee Tong, Khairul)
(Qistina, Shermaine, Anakha, Umairah, Josephine, Wen Xi, Ee Chen, Tricia, Li Tong, Xiang Ting, Xiu Ling)
(Brent, De Yi, Valent, Raam, Rachael Yap, Asridz, Cedrick, Kevan, Stephanie, Jacqueline)

1 Kindness in 2012

1 Honesty in 2013 & 2 Honesty in 2014
(Shanika, Nicole, Emelia, Nicholas, Ivan, Zhe Kai, Sean)
(Shashee, Xavier, Darren, Ajie, Donovan, Tessa, Aceline, Jocelyn, Krystal, Callista, Raihanah)
(YiXin, Clarise, Tharani, Qistina, Shaila, Yijia, Zheng Chen, Kathigeyan, Zhi Ming, Najib, Sudais, Syakir)

memories of school projects i was involved in launching:

(A) Art Curriculum : 2009 - 2011

compiled from art textbooks, art activity books, art blogs, art trainings and workshops over the years and only stabilized after 3 years of constant revamping and reviewing...

(B) Art Bazaar: 2011

one term of craft from the P1 to P5 pupils will be sold at the yearly mother's day art bazaar in Term 2... the money raised (approx $400/year) used to go towards the musical fund for the last 3 years. As i wish to incorporate values and CIP into our art programs, the money raised this year was used to purchased groceries needed by the old folks' home adopted by our school... =) 

(C) Art Attack : since 2011

pre-morning assembly program to introduce unique art forms to the whole school 2 to 3 times a term.... started with roping in art & craft teachers to do the sharing and i remembered aster sharing on spray painting, erni on cartoon drawing, ain on pointilism, waiyee on flipbook animation and mabel on doodling.... and the team won the team oca that year too... =) 

Like all aesthetics programs, this program musical chaired over to various teachers in the department every year and Mrs Leong had so much fun with this program that she had volunteered to continuing with her sharing despite not being in the aesthetics department next year... luv her enthusiasm towards this program... =* 

(D) Aesthetics Day : since 2011

a day where the whole school enjoys a day of musical, art activities, art exhibition, art trail,, dance and music.... 

(E) Arts Learning Journey : since 2013

of much logistic and ding donging of emails so as to get all 6 levels out for different arts exposure once a year... we have a trip to the Singapore Art Museum for an introduction to contemporary art workshop for the P1, the Berenstain Bear theatre for the P2, SYF dance showcase for the P3, photography exhibition and workshop at the ArtScience Museum for the P4, an esplanade tour into the back stage of its concert hall and studio and finally an artful trail at Botanic Gardens for the P6.... 

(F) Interactive heART wall : 2014

a stretch of wall in the concourse for varies art activities the whole year round... =) 

And with this post, this chapter of my life came to a beautiful closure and i look forward to a brand new chapter at HPS.... 

Goodbye to my workplace for the last 7.5 years.... 

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