Sunday, April 26, 2015

CHARLES' hatchday celebration

PTL had accompanied me to visit the central Fire station for my letter F blog post under the "Singapore's A to Z" blog challenge 2 years ago and was asking if i had any more A to Z places that i need to go as part of his birthday celebration.... wahahahaha.... 

Well, i am left with only letter X but i had decided to give him his own version since he is so "enthu" about my little blog game ... =) 

here's the plan: 

C andy as gai gai and makan kaki for the day
H ungry Heros for late lunch
A rt art & away for dessert 
R etail therapy 
L ittle india exploration 
E gg breakkie @ whisk & paddle for brunch 
S hoe laces as birthday present cos i will be giving him $2 and insisting that it is the price of the shoe laces on the new Pedro shoes that he is going to buy that day with his member's birthday 20% discount just so that i can complete this mini challenge.... wahahahaha... =D 

but it's always a case of 人算不如天算... met with a heavy downpour that cancelled our plan to Hungry Heros and Art Art & Away, and a super uncooperative birthday boy who refused to let me do whatever i want just to complete my challenge... =S

presenting the partially completed "CHARLES" challenge; 

Candy as gai gai and makan kaki for the day

selfie-ing and meitu xiuxiu-ing while waiting for birthday boy to appear  
Hungry Heros for lunch

Art Art & Away for dessert 

Relac in cedele for dessert 

as it was raining super heavily, we had to ditch our plan to hungry heros and art art & away and ended up in City Square Mall for dessert and a corner to relac ourselves after all the walking about
lemon grass tea for moi... =) 

 Gula Melaka Pandan cake for him

Blueberry Hazel nut cheesecake for moi 

Lego inspired display case
which he bought @ Plaza Sing to house his lego ninja turtles 

and in this shop were many many cute figurines that i couldnt resist taking pics of...

Egg breakkie @

view from our seats 

nice slender chair 

birthday boy with his scramble eggs bacon and waffle

and me with my sunny side up bacon and waffle 
waffles was double thumbs up...okay, in my case, a pinkie up good...super soft and fluffy... i like... =) 

Mac & Cheese
 super gelak but amazingly yummy... suitable to be shared by 3-4 people just as a side dish due to the extreme gelak-ness 

will definitely be back but never again in the day time.... too hot and too sticky for my liking as it's an open air cafe..... 
Speaker repair @ apple Service centre 

went wheelock to send his red pill speaker in for repair

and while waiting for him, took a wefie with the dashing "policeman" on duty.... wahahahaha

Imaginarium @ Singapore Art Museum

"Featuring artists from Singapore and the region, Imaginarium beckons the adventurers, the dreamers, and the explorers of today to embark on a journey of discovery, and together, sail towards exciting new horizons…

In the spirit of SG50, this year's exhibition is inspired by the crescent moon on the Singapore flag, a symbol of a young nation on the rise with the capacity to dream big and think large. 

With interactive and immersive artworks and hands-on activities at every turn, Imaginarium offers creative space where inspiration can bloom freely, and joyfully!" ~ SAM 

It's on from 14 March to 19 July .... free entrance to all singapore citizens and students and free for all on every Fridays from 6pm to 9pm ... =)
an impromptu dinner date with the gals whom i have not seen for months.... officially meet up time was approx 630pm with a reservation @ the standing sushi bar @ Queen Street, Singapore Art Museum....

Mab and I were early since our dismissal time was aout an hour earlier than the other 2 so we popped into into the Singapore Art Museum to visit the Imaginarium exhibition which Aster and Ain were raving about.... =)  

Let the pics do the 'talking'

my favourite display which is set up just right to Standing Sushi Bar

Level 1 of 8Q @ SAM 

colourful background with tetris cushions to climb on or to stack!!! 
and a cute model who posed for me when i waved at her before taking this shot... =) 

cute doodles covered the wall of the staircases all the way from level 1 to 4

knowing that these doodles will be painted over once this exhibition is over make my heart aches..... 

and through this door, we entered a room where we could add on to the doodles (which we didnt) and fold origami.... there were a few choices to choose from ... 

and Miss Mak chose the most complicated one.... 

we both had fun and am super proud of our creations... =) 

Level 3 

well, i did buy some wool from daiso earlier this year... maybe i can plan a learning journey for the onesies then maybe i can have the onesies make the pom pom in school as a post art museum visit activity... =D 

i tot this was more for the sixers who are learning about energy conversion... lots of 'legs-on' example of converting kinetic energy to sound or light energy through paddling of the bicycles... 

CANDYLAND on the 4th level 

and in the other gallery on the 4th level as well