Sunday, May 10, 2015

蔡 mummy's day 2015

since december 2014, 蔡 mummy has not been in the pink of health ...

first, she was running super high fever and was having chest pain from her cough

then she got admitted into hospital and was put in the isolation ward as the doc suspected TB but 'luckily' it was only lung infection and mild pneumonia and she was discharged after 2 weeks

doc told her that she had to be on medication for the next few months so as to flush out all the phlegm that was in her lungs and that the medication might cause blood in her stool.... 

the bleeding was so bad that she had to report to the polyclinic twice weekly for an injection to stop the bleeding.... since doc said that the bleeding was 'normal' and expected, we just let it continued and hoped that once she stopped the medication, everything would be fine.... but the bleeding persisted for weeks even after she stopped her medication in March... 

arranged for another review which led to a scope through her digestive system and eventually a CT scan that revealed a cancerous lump in her large intestine.... arranged has been made for it to be removed on 12 May.... 

She will be fine!!! 


看到你这样辛苦, 我很难受也很心痛。 你一向来都为了我们而很坚强, 请继续为了我们而坚强下去。你劳碌了大半辈子地把我们带大, 才刚刚在这几年享受到我们对你的回报, 所以你一定要好好地康复, 健健康康地活多十几年好让我们四个轮流带你到不同的国家玩; 就从六月的日本之游开始,带你四处走走看看, 带你去尝试不同的好料。。。




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