Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween @ Woodgrove 2015

super looked forward to this year's halloween walk @ woodgrove just because i have a personal make-up artist, Angela aka 蔡三宝.... heee.... 

report for my halloween make-up at 1230pm because 蔡三宝 had to leave home by 230pm for her make-up assignment at Halloween Horror Nights @ USS.... if you had been to Halloween Horror Nights @ USS this year, you would definitely see the opera singers who teared blood.... that's my 蔡三宝's creation... =)  

my transformation after 45 minutes
side track abit - luving my pearly whites with no decay.... wahahahahahaha 

can i kiss u???? 

then this little lady came in, saw me and CRIED!!! 

Haiz.... what to do... main purpose was to bring her to collect sweets so how were we supposed to go if she was so scared of my make up???? 

Haiz... no choice.... the make-up had to go..... my first halloween makeup had such a short life span seh... =S 

gone went the stitches 

then the cracked hole on the cheek

finally the tears 

everything's gone

and with this bare face, we headed to our favourite halloween walk @ woodgrove despite the drizzle..... 

 pardon the photos taken by a 4 year old camera that has been overused ... sensor had deteriorated hence photo quality was at a all time lousy, especially pics taken in the dark... =S 
woah.... business opportunity but who would do it on this day when everyone's focus was on collecting sweets??? 

yeah.... collected her first treat 

from a house with mini pumpkins on the tree 

with the gigantic spider 

super impressed with the enthusiasm of the house owners who set up tents just so that they could continue with the treats giving in the drizzle...  



 little red riding hood and the big bad wolf in grandma's sleeping gown



munching on her marshmallow 

Alfred with the 3 professors from Harry Potter 

our current 小宝贝, Val, the little russian girl that 蔡 mummy is baby sitting