Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 7 & 8 of Seoul - the last random bits of here & there

walked over to Myeong dong for some street food instead of for the amazing shopping that many raved about .... i am just not into cosmetic, facial care and overly warm and energetic sale persons... =S 

before we had our dinner at one of the many restaurants along the street....and for our last dinner in korea... we chose Chinese food.... =D  ... 

din order much as the street food earlier on was quite successful in filling part of my tummy... 

As it was still early, we decided to pop by Lotte Mart again and it was the best decision made on the trip just because we got to bump into 2 handsome actors from Singapore... 

one of them was a lot friendlier and gotten all of us converted into his fans with his politeness and willingness to pose for a photo with 洪妈妈 and 洪爸爸... =D  


spotted interesting oldies building in the neighbourhood we were staying in on our way out for brunch on our last morning in Seoul....

we chose this Italian restaurant for brunch just because it was the only restaurant opened at 10+am.... the neighbourhood, Hapjeong, we were staying in was basically a dead town every morning despite being within walking distant to Hongdae.... 

free 'naan' as starter

prawn risotto for me 

seafood pasta for 洪妈妈 and 洪爸爸

and carbonara for my mr ang 

ending the finale post on our Seoul trip with this final pic of our barang barangs at the luggage compartment of the airport express...

i will be back for sure!!! luving Seoul

things to do - SHOP in summer clothing!!!! eat more street food!!!! 
places to go - nami island, jeju, taebaek - descendants of the sun filming location ... wahahahaha 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 7 of Seoul - Nansam Tower

2 stops on Line 4 from Chungmuro station and we reached Hoehyeon station where the elevator to Namsan Tower was situated.... alternative to this elevator would be a 20 to 30 minutes hike up slope to where the start point of the cable car to nansam tower is.... so 'die die' also must locate this elevator.... wahahahaha

what's interesting about this elevator is that it travels diagonally without a shaft 

up up up we went!!!

and the view from within the elevator 

bought our cable car tickets 

the man who made the cable car ride possible   

the reason to why we were there...
locks lock and more locks of LOVE!!! 

our 小熊猫 love lock.... 


2 . 1. 2011 (our wedding date) 

our mini 猪猪 lock  'found' its mama... heee

 13 . 6 . 2009 (the date we met) 

洪爸爸 and 洪妈妈 posing with their love locks too... =D 

where the keys to all the love locks are kept and recycled 

street performance with audience participation 

the love benches

parking lots just for female drivers????

mr ang was amused to see locks everywhere... and also very very de happy with the hot hot snacks he gotten in this cold cold day...