Friday, February 3, 2017

Singapore Biennale @ SAM & 8Q

Had a sisterly date with Angela to the Art Biennale exhibition which features 59 artworks across 7 locations ... we only had time to visit 2 locations; Singapore Art Museum & SAM @ 8Q... where most of the artworks are showcased and so was super happy to know that the ticket can be use on other days to visit 5 other locations till the exhibition ends its run on 26 February ... =D 

my favourite 

this video is crapped... uploaded just so that i have a record of this piece of work.... You need to be standing right there to experience the impact, the anticipation, the shock of & from the whole set-up...  

super drama.... 

our HDB artworks on the second floor of the display 

second favourite, a mirror chamber which made me a little dizzy with the endless reflection

3rd favourite ... just for its sheer size and uni colour... =) 

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