Thursday, October 28, 2010

me on 女友 page 54

me on november issue of 女友 page 58

i must admit that i m a bimbo at times.... super thrilled at being featured in a fashion magazine.... hahaha.... cant describe my excitment when i finally see the november issue of 女友 on the magazine shelf in 7-11 this morning.... has been waiting for it since 1st september, the day i went for the photoshoot oh....

flip flip flip to content page and flip flip flip to page 58 and tatatata..... a whole page to myself.... and woah.... realised that i can be so pretty too with the help of professional make up and i believe there must be some photoshop too.... hahaha....

zoom (x 1)

zoom (x 4)

zoom (x 8)

zoom (x 4)

and according to zhuan, they will be using my photo to be the highlight of the month in their website.... hahaha... my once in a lifetime opportunity to be a model and be in the limelight.... so fun.... =)

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