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Day 3 Challenge: A Picture of me and my Friends

Day 3 Challenge: Pictures of Me and MyFriends

when i first saw this challenge and especially the one customised at xiaoxin's blog, it reminds me of a blog entry in my previous blog a few years back .... so went to xin ying's "inactive" blog to get the link to my own dead & abandoned blog...

the entry i was referring to was dated 27 July 2007 ... i had copied the entry below and as i read thru, i added in new comments (in blue) and some photos... =)

....Here goes....

"I was having so much fun and laughters at michelle’s place just now...while I was laughing and laughing and laughing, suddenly the thought of ‘when was the last time I had such fun with another group of friends?’ pop into my mind.

So here I am, trying to list down all the friends/ group of friends that had hanged out with me in one way or another in the past 29 years…

K2 to Primary 3 - Tu Wanhui and her family

She was my neighbour when i lived in blk 114, AMK Ave 4. used to hangout with her and her family all the time as her mum was my caretaker as well... still remember that although we were besties, we quarrelled all the time as well... the last time i saw her was 8 years ago, at my house warming in mimosa park... recently saw her wedding photo on facebook... =) ... but have not been talking since the house warming??? .... =(

Primary 6 – Charlene Ho, Stephanie Choo and Everdene Cai

Favourite hangout was the arcade place at Thomson Yaohan and the playground at Braddell Heights… still remember how we were always trying to hide away from Gabriel and Derrick but they would always find us ... totally lost contact with all of them after we graduate from primary school... =(

Secondary 1 – Loh Jingmei

still remember how we loved to lie down on the tiled seats inside the toilet in Holy Innocents High to read… … what a weird place to enjoy our reading… but the toilet was so clean and so much cooler than anywhere else in the whole bloody concrete school ... will be meeting her one of the weekends this month... yippy... very very long never meet up liao... hope that we can carry on from where we left off years ago....

Sec 2 – Zhang Caiwei, Goh Meili and Ho Eevon

Caiwei was the first gal who came up to me when I transferred to
Riverside and the one who tricked me into St. John to be bullied by all the seniors… !@#$%^&… But I m still glad that I get to know her….This is the group I hung out with to gossip at the Mac at the old woodlands interchange after school almost everyday… now to think of it, where did I get all the money to buy hot fudge almost every day too?

really happy that of the 3, i m still in constant contact with 1. she has grown to be like a family member whom i take for granted for most of the time... oopx...

Sec 3 / 4 – Lewei, lay teng, xiaofen, liping

Although somewhere in the middle some misunderstanding had erupted but I m glad we are still friends after all these years…. =0)… it’s also during this period that I really start mixing around and hanging out with the guys in class too… creating trouble at the basketball court where chunyang, weixiong, anthony and weichao used to hang out, playing and joking around at the Jurong East ice skating ring with the Malaysian guys and chit chatting with the guys for hours and hours on the phone… really dun understand why I had so many things to chat about during that time but now find it difficult to hold a conversation le oh… maybe I m just too tired le…. bad temper me and one of them ended up in a childish fight again... hahaha... and has not been on talking terms for close to 2 years le bah.... =P ...

but glad that at least i m still pretty close to another one of them... we just had high tea last weekend... =)

JC – mel, meixiang, liza

(me, mel, mx & zaza at zaza's birthday bbq in 2007)

The first time that I m no more a goody 2 shoe oh… learned how to skip school, skip lecture and even tutorial… still remember the time where all 4 of us coincidentally skipped Jude Yew’s GP lesson together. Luckily he was ‘kind’ enough to let us off with only a warning… =P… miss Miss Chong and Mr Paul Poh so much too… till now, they are still my Favourite teachers noh… =) ... our meet ups now depends on meixiang who always puts in the effort to arrange and coordinate xmas & cny gathering... =)

Uni year 1 – lewei, zhen yu, danny

Orientation friends who still hang out almost everyday during lunch after the orientation camp. Still remember how I, a business student, always have to walk from the South spine, pass through the coffee club, just to have lunch with this group of engineering friends. But I just enjoyed their company. They just know how to make everything so funny and fun. They really added tons to colours to my uni life. WU ZHENYU & DANNY, where are ur??? Me miss ur oh… miss the mobile juke box noh!!!!…haha ... managed to get in contact with danny to attend my wedding dinner... =) ... while zhenyu is still enjoying himself in china... but we have been keeping in contact and go for hunting trips together (in facebook...hahaha)

Uni year 2 / 3 – Vivian, rachelle and xinying

Vivian, a classmate from cj, but only get closer in uni. Someone who has slim down so very much and is so good at dolling herself up nowadays that make me feel like a frog in the well or a mountain tortoise noh. Then there is xinying who always have the most beautiful set of fingernails and shoes… =) and rachelle, the jappy looking gal who suffered with me during our attachment at NTUC… NTUC suck big big time ….. 7 years after we graduate, we still meet up at least once in 2 months...=)... xin ying has promoted to be of mummy status liao oh... while rachelle has been missing in action ... =(

Smartlab education centre – joycelyn and adele and uncle YC

(joyce, me and adele at adele's house warming in 2009)

(joyce, uncle YC and me on a cycling trip at pengarang)

they are the people who made working at smartlab such a joy… informal working environment with crappy and fun colleagues… I like… and am really glad that we remain in contact even after I had left the company for 5 years le... joyce has became one of my best bud... and we are going to vietnam on monday.... just the 2 of us... heee...

SSB – chunyang, anthony, siewmei, mengyuan, xiuting

(my best bud till 2009 and still)

(my favourite photo of the 3 of us - me, siew mei & yuan)

this is the group that had stupid and entertaining theme for festivals, especially when siew mei was around… we are the group that will all wear pink on valentine’s day, must have something in gold on Christmas day and the group that loves to take a hundred photos so that we can find at least a few that is nice for keeping… haha… the group that will send FORMAL emails detailing the programs planned and has rankings, promotions and demotions de wor… haha… the group that learnt roller blading and diving and rock climbing together too…so what’s next???? Haiz, but due to various commitments and events, things are just not the same any more le… miss the time before Anthony left… still dun understand y u choose to desert us just so suddenly… things are just not the same anymore... ='(

(Hawaii theme xmas bbq 2007)

NIE – Claire, Michelle, Mabelene, Laurice

(me, mab & laurice @ bintan in 2007)

This is the tai-tai group who, when get together, will usually be high tea followed by a few rounds of mahjong. The group that went Bangkok over a weekend, slept 5 people in a room and shopped like there’s no tomorrow… the image of how messy our hotel room is will haunt me for the rest of my life… but I m still looking forward to out next holiday oh… haha… mab used to teach in the same school as me... deserted me in sept this year... =(...

Woah… my friends really come and go… happy and sad.. happy is that I get to mix with different type of ppl as I aged… sad because nothing seems to last… so when will the current one end and when will the next one start??? "

realised that i don't have a lot of photos with my friends... think the wedding in jan will be a good opportunity to take photos with each and every group of friends...

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