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A is for Art 2012 - Preview

A is for Art 2012 - Preview

has always love attending art courses...beside being able to skip school for the day, the content and hands-on activity at art courses always make them so much more engaging and they always spark off some interesting ideas for me to implement in school... =)

Saw the following on STAR-POST and signed up for it....

"A is for Art is back! Enjoyed learning about teaching of art through the use of museum objects? Join us again for another year of wonderful learning and art making! Look forward to fresh activities, ideas and learning opportunities! Find out more at the A is for Art 2012 Preview! You will also get to visit the special exhibition, Patterns of Trade, with us and draw inspiration from Indian textiles that once clothed the world."

assuming that the course is aimed at giving art teachers ideas on how to plan a museum trip for art pupils, i happily signed up for it.... hoping that i can plan a art learning journey for the pupils and teachers to the museum starting this year if budget allows, if not next year also okay ah....=)

at acm, we will given an entrance sticker
 to attach to our clothing so as to gain access to the galleries and was also given a trail booklet


all the teachers had so much fun filling it up during the 30 minutes of free roaming in the Patterns of Trade gallery... =)

my works.... =)

it's interesting how 'boring' fabrics designs from the 1400 - 1900 can be made so much more enjoyable with these trail booklets.... they got me, someone who dun like and cant draw for nuts, to really look at the fabrics so as to complete the activities....

is there a way that we can do something like this so that pupils will want to do more english, math and science too???

anyway, there are up to 70 pieces of the 300 pieces of these fabrics acquired currently displayed at acm till june 2012... more info at (
all moe teachers and pupils can enter acm for bring along your cs card or student pass for verification... =) remember to ask for the trail booklet on your visit too...

at the end of the trail, we will given the following riddle:
found in the South East Asian Gallery
it is made of stone
it is for the noble
it's a composite figure of 2 animals

we are to look for an artefact that fulfill the conditions of the riddle and write the answer on the piece of paper provided...

and this is what we thought (knew) could be the answer...

~osa osa~

5 fun facts about the osa osa 

•The osa osa is carved in the form of a mythical creature with a dragon-like head and a bird-like tail.
•It is said to have protective role and reinforce power of the nobility on the Nias Island.
•The stone osa osa seat is used by men or women of high honour.
•The stone carving is well known for the impressive quality.
•An osa osa is only carried once during a special feast.

the first 3 lucky participants who got the answer correct get to receive a gift....i was lucky to be among the 3 and i received this beautiful notebook... =)

i thought that's the end of the workshop liao.... but boy, i was so wrong... i really dun know what i had signed up for lo...

this workshop is actually only part 1 of 4.....the whole thing is actually something very big scale de....

Part 2 will be a 2 day art camp in march where we have to complete both the (a) and (b) below...



Part 3 will be the school implementation of the program to the pupils and school visit by the organising committee to observe if what we carried out in school is what they want....

Part 4 will be exhibition and presentation of certificate to participating schools and also the award ceremony... 

i really dig my own grave this time liao....=P... and i decided to dragged ain in with me...wahahha.... cos this program needs 2 teachers per school.... 

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