Thursday, May 31, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - Designing the CHAIR

A is for Art 2012 - Designing the CHAIR

the 'chair' arrived in a box... in a very flat box.... I taught the challengers how to read and follow the instruction from the menu booklet and our team of 7 carpenters set off to try to piece the different parts together with tools borrowed from Mr Choo (operation manager)... 

due to the fact that our team of 2 senior carpenters (Ain and myself) and 7 junior carpenters had limited muscle power, our 'chair' was deemed too unstable for anyone to sit on.... it was super we had to seek the help from Mr Choo to tighten all the screws and nuts and blots while we concentrated on the ONE ultimate design..... 

the reason why I wanted the pupils to try to fix the chair on their own was to let them have a closer look at the parts that make up the chair and also to let them 'play' with the material which the chair is made of... I feel that with these information, in addition to the height, width and length, the pupils would be able to visualise  better how their design would look like on the chair... 


With all the designs and inspirations from the previous session placed in the middle of the table, Ain and I facilitated the 7 challengers on deciding on the ONE ultimate design

There were times where everyone agrees and there were others where we had to make a choice between two or three different designs.... but I was glad that the challengers have the courage to voice out their creative ideas and at the same time willing to accept others' ideas based on votes or gave suggestions on how we could fuse the different ideas into one... =) 


The challengers were given 5 minutes to work on the design on the chair back support with star(s) which they agreed represented the extraordinariness of our school


putting all the individual designs together and brainstorming on how we could fuse them into one and what was the rationale behind their designs and how their designs represented the school... 

Mandy drawing the final design 

and this was what the challengers came up with.... 

time ran out before we could complete the design for the armrest and the legs... =(.... guess we would just have to improvise during the 'making session' 

the colours and the materials to be used was also confirmed

did the AOR with Ain... approval secured and shopping for the materials was completed before the next A is for Art lesson in Term 3 Week 1. 

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