Thursday, May 17, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - Planning the Ultimate Challenge

A is for Art 2012 - 
Planning the Ultimate Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge:
Design a special seat for a very important guest to your school! Think about what represents your culture and create a seat that is unique to your school. 

The Osa Osa happens to be the favourite artefact for most of the pupils. Hence, we used it as a jumping board into the day's aim and activity. We talked about composite creatures, colours, purpose and materials that were used to make the Osa Osa and told them about the ultimate project.

We didn't want the pupils to spend time on the various 'chair' activities that were carried out during the camp. We realised that these activities eat into the time spent of the actual artchallenge for each theme and left us with little time for discussion. We wanted the pupils to have more time discussing and designing a chair that could represent the characteristic which they had identified to represent the school instead. 

The mind map which was created with inputs from the challengers 

and immediately, the pupils got started on their work in groups of twos or threes to design a chair to represent the school. We told the pupils to keep a copy of the pictures which they drew inspirations from as well. 

Designed by Li Qi, Mandy and Bao Ping

Inspiration board

Designed by Farhana, Afiqah and Maleha 


Designed by Susan, Bee Peng and Wen Yin


Round robin

Putting all the designs together and drawing out how we could mix and match to form the ultimate chair to represent the school.

The finale of the lesson was a mini appreciation presentation to all the participants and the selection of the 'chair' team. Initially, we had shortlisted 10 pupils for the final stage of the challenge (making of the chair). However, two did not turn up for the lesson so Ain and I decided to make do with the 8 who showed commitment, creativity and cooperation. 

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