Monday, August 27, 2012

Hair Cut with Joyce

Hair Cut with Joyce 

i'm indeed a fortunate girl who have super duper generous friends who like to sign packages..... charlene treated me to a massage a few weeks back (no photos cos everybody was just walking around in bathrobes).... hahahaha....then yesterday, joyce treated me to a hair cut..... =) 

                Joyce before                                              Joyce after

looks best with my mini clip

i strongly believe that this kind of gentle curls can only be achieved by tonging....perm will NEVER give u this kind of natural curls....  

                          me before                                                                    me after 

the front like cut like no cut lo....hahahaha ...but the dry blowing make it look more the bob from the side and from the back though....

that's the thing with big and professionals and atas and branded places..... they examine your hair and point out all the problems and highlight potential problems or gave recommendation for improvement even when there's no problem and i (i believe most women too) ended up paying for things or services which i had no intention of getting ... =S 

upon examing my hair, martin, my hair dresser said that i had dandruff.....woah....that's a first for me lo.... i always thought dandruff are white flaky stuff that falls off the hair like snowflakes and will end up as white specks on the shoulder area of our clothing especially when wearing a black top...i have never see any of that but still i agreed to a $48 detoxifying treatment that sent tiny amount of electricity to the scalp 

after that he asked if i wanted to do another treatment that would cost another $68 since the pores on my head are now opened due to the detox...i rejected the offer as i think one treatment is more than enough for me liao but he went on to say that it's such a waste bla bla bla and he recommended a ginseng ampoule for $20

u know??? it's super hard to say no on repeat mode to the experts....  u reject one, they will think of another thing for u to spend on..... so ended up paying another $72 on top of the sponsored haircut from Joyce

though their services were good, i really dislike this kind of sale pushing talk... =S ...

lunch at Gurney Culture at Century square 
old old concept restaurant that sells Penang food 

free tao sar piah as appetiser 

My penang laksa with tea 

interesting and yummy noodles with spicy and sourish soup with no tau pok no cockles but with sardines .... is this how Penang laksa is??? different from the usual one we have normally.... 

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