Friday, August 10, 2012

Harry Potter & Andy Warhol exhibition

Upon Angela's request, we decided to have a 蔡's outing to the ArtScience Museum for the Harry Porter exhibition... went online to check out the prices and was happy to find that for $24, Singaporeans get to visit both the Harry Porter and the Andy Warhol's 15 minutes eternal exhibition 

Wanted to get tickets from the ticket box office at Marina Bay Sand but was directed to the ArtScience Museum due to the following promotion.... 
but instead of 6 glass bottles of coke, we got 6 cans of coke each at $24 cos we are singaporeans... =) 

'Happy' duo with their freebies 

Regretted my decision to go for this promotion....cos there's no deposit area and the counter REFUSED to let us collect the coke cans after viewing the exhibitions so we ended up lugging the cans of coke while enjoying the exhibits for 3 hours...Poor Alfred had to lug 12 cans (6 mummy's one and 6 of his own)..... 

double regret when i saw this other promotion for the Andy Warhol's exhibition after i just made payment for our tickets.... to sum up all the promo, we had paid $4 for the 6 cans of coke each and had to lug them around the whole day.... really felt quite dumb dumb about it lo.... argh.... =S

enough of complaints.... first stop to Harry Potter exhibition @ B2...  

there's a fixed entry timing of an hour to this exhibition gallery so must be careful not to miss it else can be denied entry de oh... 

me with my 6 cans of coke in the red bag standing under the flying car.... the only exhibit which photography is allowed.... =S

Alfred is a huge huge huge fan of harry potter...he had all the books of harry porter.... he read the first book at least 36 times (according to his then english teacher) and could recite the first 3 chapters of the first book, word for word (his english teacher actually tested him out and verified).... so he was ready to fork out $30 for the exhibition guide which features all the items being exhibited 

he luv luv the acceptance letter into Hogwatts...commented that  it would be even better if the letter could be addressed to him... =D 

Angela has been losing so much weight that she is hallucinating.... she thinks she is now thin enough to hide behind the book.... wahahahaha..... oopx.... 

No photography was allowed in the exhibition.... ='(...but when i went online to search, i found this ..... how come so unfair one???

i dun really think the exhibit was very fantastic...i dun feel any thrill looking at the costumes which the characters wore  or the wands, potion etc etc which the characters used in the making of the movie.... guess removing the right to take photos of the exhibit removes the fun of enjoying the exhibit too.... =S

but it did make me want to watch/read the series right from the beginning again so that i can picture the exhibit in the different scenes

there were a few interactive displays... (1) the screeching mandrakes
which gives off an irritating screech whenever they were pulled out  from their pots

 and (2) the 3 quidditch hoops where u get to throw the quaffle through 

ending the tour with a purchase from the gift shop 
The famous every favour jelly beans ... 

that really came in all sort of weird favours 

at $6 a box.... it's damn expensive la... but had a great laugh watching the 3's reaction to the sweets... wahahahaha.... i was the chicken one who refused to try any of the weird favours... 

Angela trying the rotten egg favour

Alfred trying the earthworm favour.... can hear my evil laughter throughout the end....wahahahaha

I had always thought that these sweets were imaginary sweets  invented by J.K Rowling so was really surprised that these are real sweets... they are invented by a guy called Bertie Botts in 1935. He had accidentally created the smelly socks favour while trying to make tasty food favours. Realising that potential of such prank sweets, he went ahead to market the sweets with the slogan: 

"Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - A Risk With Every Mouthful!"

and the sweets became so famous that JK Rowling included them in the Harry Potter Series which makes it even more famous. 

Next, we went for the Andy Warhol's exhibition... 

saw his famous campbell soup, pop art Marilyn Monroe, and silver factory which is a room entirely covered in silver/aluminium foil.... an idea for our very own art exhibition at the end of the year.... =) 

more random photos of us

had lots of fun.... too bad 蔡小弟 cant join us for this outing due to his 'o' levels else it would be even more fun... at least there would be one more strong man to help carry the cans of coke.... hahahaha

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