Saturday, January 26, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

CANDY Chua is addicted to CANDY Crush Saga
i'm so addicted that i'm very tempted to put this pic as my fb cover pic .... =D

I have been spending all my time outside of school and late nights swiping candies around since 11 Jan (the day i completed my art work for the ATPP exhibition) .... different candy worlds provide new challenges; from having to avoid drowning in a sea of chocolate cubes, to bursting jellies, double layered jellies, coils,  concrete walls, chocolate mousse concrete walls to defusing bombs before they blow, to collecting cherries and water chestnuts/acorn look alike or a combination of any of the above....

it's further made more addictive when u can actually see the levels your friends are at on the candy world map which is so duper cute & colourful

you can also help your friends by giving them 3 additional moves or a life which irritatingly is kept at a max of 5 with a new one bestowed every 30 minutes ....  it's an agony waiting for a life when you run them out.... =S ...

and after you conquer a world, the mascot of that particular candy world would be very happy

you will require the help of 3 friends to give you boarding tickets before you can proceed to the next candy world

if you play this game, you will understand the agony and frustration these candies put me through yet i just cant resist the urge to want to conquer them level by's really a 又爱又恨 relationship 


Kathy Rose said...

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Thank you

Giulya Giuli said...

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