Friday, March 22, 2013

F stands for Fairy Tales

very funny right???? heee.... this song brought back so much childhood memories .....

most girls, including me, grow up being surrounded by the classic fairy tales.... i still remember i had this super thick bedtime story book that has all the fairy tales inside....  tracing out the princesses and colouring them was one of my favourite past time in those days too.... =) 

maybe i 中毒太深 cos i just have the thinking that all girls should be treated like a princess la.... wahahahaha.... 

and i do love the songs in most of the disney princess movies too....   

lewei, eve and I performed a dance to this song during Riverside 10th anniversary concert way back in 1996

my modern jazz dancers performed to this song at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2011... =D

more of my favourites... =) 

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