Thursday, April 11, 2013

K stands for Kitchen deco

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I
J stands for Jobs

                      K stands for Kitchen deco

i have to admit i am one of those irritating people who enjoys rearranging furniture around frequently.... lene and everyone in 蔡家 know best.... the position of my sleeping mattress and cupboard changed from one corner of the room to the other at least twice a year during sec & jc times back in the woodlands flat. 

my habit only stopped when i moved to mimosa. cos 蔡 daddy customised a wardrobe for me that took up one wall, the attached toilet had the door smacked in the middle of another wall and a caved in hole for the super old aircon unit took up the 3rd wall means i was left with one last wall to place my bed against. =S

I faced the same problem now in home sweet home. Half the furniture are built in and the other half are in specific locations for fengshui purpose so in other words, i can't move any thing la... =S

that's the reason why i kept adding decal to the house till i feel that there's too much around liao.... =P

have the urge to make something more 3D instead.... surf surf surf and came across these simple and seems easy to be created diy stuff/deco for the kitchen... =)

hopefully i will be more motivated to get my hands working on some of these craft works real soon.... =D 

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