Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Doraemon Exhibition in Taichung

As we had 5 long hours to entertain ourselves before we could check in, we headed to the doraemon exhibition... 

walked back to taichung train station from 53 hotel 

tried our luck and succeeded at the automated ticket machine  

bought return ticket at NT$32 (S$1.40) to 新乌日 station which was just 1 stop away.... but it was a challenge to decide which train and which carriage to hop on so better make sure you check with the train marshal before hopping onto any train.... 

 shops & deco at 新乌日 station   

walked towards exit 3 of the train station which was linked into the  high speed station, walked further on towards exit 7

walked to the far right and look towards the right for 2 floating balloons (far away) and walked 10 minutes towards them or you can consider paying NT$100 for a super short distance cab ride (which we did... =P... the sun was too hot for much walking...) 

read that there was a free shuttle bus from the station but totally forgot about it... =S

tickets at NT$220 (S$9.50) each 

stamp for re-entry purpose

bet most of you didnt know that this is how the original doraemon look like.... with ears and in yellow

so drama lo.... wahahahaha....ooopx..... 

anyway, the whole exhibition hall was just filled with doraemons... plenty and plenty of them.... 

one of my favourite


miniatures created by celebrities

 wanted to try these but mummy said it was too wasteful... 

bought some souvenirs ... =)....  ezlink card stickers and some kraft stuff which i cant resist buying.... =P 

more info of the exhibition can be found here

it could be the midnight flight... it could be that i was feeling hot and sticky or it could be that i am not a big doraemon fan.... i found the exhibition a little boring.... oopxy... =P

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