Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wulai waterfall

just 5 minutes away from the hotspring and at the end of wulai old street was a mini train station 

with mini trains that ferry visitors to and from wulai waterfall in less than 6 minutes

alternative was to walk the 1.6km up-slope on a pathway which they termed "Lover's Trail" (情人步道).... my suggestion is to take the train up at NT$50 (S$2.15) and walk down Lover's Trail instead.... 

the mini train that can only ferry 11 people at any one time

lots of greenary along the train ride up/down

video taken during the trip down

was surprised to see a cross up in the mountain... asked our cab driver about it and he said it was erected to commemorate the priest who was killed by falling rocks in that area 20 - 30 years ago... 

Wulai waterfall

though not as majestic as the one at shifen, it has its own charm, like a sexy lady, that can make you stare at it for a long long while

with water that flows towards the hotspring area

us resting in the mini museum 

had a little fun playing with the stamp provided ... =) 


walked through wulai old street once more to go to the main road for bus/cab back to taipei   

 wulai 小吃....

luv the 小米麻糬 with sesame topping and 石板炒猪肉片... both were major yums

alfred was delighted to see that his favourite snack was available at the 7-11 at xindian station and couldnt resist buying a bowl... his 5th bowl out of 6 for this trip... 

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