Saturday, December 7, 2013

Singapore's L stands for Leisure world 'cruise'

blogged under Singapore's A to Z blog challenge just because the activity could be made into a day trip out of Singapore island.... =) ... my journey started at 730pm and i was back in Singapore by 230pm the next day


went on an overnight 'cruise' with joyce and other ex-colleagues only to find out that it was more of a gambling ship than a cruise kind of cruise ship.... wahahahaha... no wonder the ticket price was only $13 la.... 真的是上贼船 ah..... 

apparently, the ship seems to be anchored on international sea...  i assumed that it was so that its many many casino rooms could stay operated 24/7 bah.... so we had to take a 40 minutes ferry from tanah merah ferry terminal to batam terminal then take another 15 minutes ferry to board the 'cruise' ship and oh boy... what a 'lok kok' ferry we were on!!!! worse than budget airline.... but luckily, we only spent 15 minutes on it.... 

we top up $35 for a room for 4 so that we could have a bed for the night.... the bottom beds were not too bad but not the upper deck where the mattresses were way too thin

the mini window behind the curtains  

the attached toilet with a tiny shower area

there was only one restaurant  where we had all our three meals....supper on arrival, breakfast and lunch the next day before we depart....  

supper and lunch were acceptable.... nothing fantastic that's worthy of any picture... breakfast was horrid!!!! 

slot machines everywhere, even in the restaurant.... worse was, smokers were everywhere too... my hair, my shirt and i stink ... =S 

anyway, while some went to try their luck at the slot machines and table games, the rest of us spent the night in the lounge .... i heard beer was cheap....  

 wanted to roam around the next morning but it was raining.... =S 

minimal other activities such as massage, educational tour and arcade room etc were available but somehow the mood wasn't there to check them out.... probably i just felt too depressed surrounded by old gamblers who were wasting their time and money away.... 

dun understand why would people and companies want to target other's 血汗钱 and 棺材本 as their profit.... how come they can do it 心安里得-ly leh???? haiz.... 

observing the way these old people interacted with the crew on board and the way they slumped themselves in front of the slot machines and how at ease they were in the restaurant (machiam having their daily meal in their own kitchen), i am very sure that 99% of them are frequent customers.... the 1% were all those in my group lo..... 

but it was a unique experience and a great catch up session, especially with my admin lady.... miss chatting with her during my time back at the old company 8 years back oh.... 


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