Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paper Quilling with primary threes

it started with a beginner activity of drawing lines with constant interval on magazine pages and cutting them out strip by strip

then curl the strips into coils and use them to create any patterns or designs they like.... then pupils will be given feedback on their usage of glue and the consistency of coils made before being 
promoted to the intermediate level of using coloured coils which i had prepared for them... and to sweeten the deal, they get to work with corrugated boards too

to further motivate them to up up up their paper quilling skill and to create more pieces (i believe in practice make perfect), i told the threes that all the improved pieces will be 'transformed' into Mother's Day cards to be sold in our annual art bazaar on 29 and 30 April in Term 2. 

Am pretty pretty pleased with the pupils' progress, their artworks and myself too as this was the first time i am teaching p3 art based on the curriculum that i had created 6 years ago ... =) ... din know that paper quilling can be so tedious... oopx... but i am glad the pupils persevered on and created these amazing pieces.... =) 

Pupils who were spotted displaying exceptional talent in this craft were further stretched at the advance stage where they get to work on a bigger piece of corrugated board over the March holiday.... and tatatatata...... I'm so so so impressed with their work.... =) 


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