Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bangkok Day 3 - Chinatown & Platinum

it's not called a bangkok trip if i din get to shop till i broke lo.... 

first stop - Chinatown

took a cab from hotel at 150฿ and my first shopping starts at my favourite store..... 

to be shared by 大洪家, 小洪家, 蔡家 and 吴家

then went for breakfast at one of the 路边摊 

i luv stickers ... used to have the habit of 'vandalising' my school diary and those of my love ones with plenty and plenty of stickers until calendar apps took over... luckily i found an app which is equally cute with 'stickers' function too... =) 

anyway, stickers are sold at 6 for 100฿ which is slightly less than S$4.... i bought 24 pieces at one go..... happiness!!!! now must find plenty of reasons and excuses to reward my kiddos with stickers.....wahahahaha.... 

bought 2 aprons, flora cloth one on the left cost 100฿ while the strip plastic one cost 120฿.... platinum sells them at 180฿, wholesale price at 130฿ only if you buy 10 pieces.... 

got 贤妻良母 look anot???  wahahahahha..... 

i know what most of you are there's this voice in your head that says, "But u dun even cook!!!!"

well, actually, i am using them as art aprons for school.... the flora one for dry art lesson, just to look pretty, while the plastic one for painting lessons as the paint can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth..... wahahahaha... 

sling bag at  250฿

foldable bags at 50฿ each for friends and colleagues
that opens up to this size below

handmade pouches at 75฿ each for colleagues and friends too, a replacement for naraya's product which are getting normalised... 

another reason why i was back in bangkok this round is to get presents for Children's Day this year.... due to art specialisation, i have 9 classes of kiddos this year... 60 primary 2s, 135 primary 3s, 40 primary 5s and 65 primary 6s...totalling about 300 kids... a big ouch for my pockets..... 

and boy, kids nowadays are so difficult to please.... so giving them options to choose what they prefer is my best defence to hearing them say ungrateful stuff like "huh?? another highlighter/pencil/stationery??? who who who just gave us one as children's day gift." And i always try to get a wide variety of cutesy stuff for them to choose from... 

12 retractable lanyards at 60฿

12 cutesy hairbands at 90฿

animal key chains and strawberry recycle bags at an average of 10฿ to 15฿ each

 gifts for 81 kiddos from Thailand Chinatown in the morning.... another 200+ more to buy

second stop - Platinum Fashion Mall

 the fashion style during the last trip two years ago was all about figure hugging and short dresses which i couldn't fit into comfortably la so i was super happy to see suitable work and casual attire on sale this round... =D 

3 dresses for work
 top and bottom dresses at 300฿ each 

bottom dress at 150฿

blouse and skirt at 250฿ each 

blouse and skirt at 250฿ each

blouse and skirt at 250฿ each

embroidery blouse at 300฿

 top and bottom t-shirt at 100฿ each and top and bottom shorts at 150฿ each

2 necklaces at 100฿  each

within 2 hours and for 2500฿ (S$100), i bought so many stuff for myself.... =D

then more Children's Day gift from the stationery shop at level 5 of Platinum Mall

poststick at 32฿ for a set of 5 colours... i bought 10 sets...

 15฿ per pack of 2 designs... bought 12 packs

notebooks at 7฿ each ... bought 2 packs of 12 each 

9฿ for each pack of 10 

cute locks... i bought 12 of them... am keeping the piglet for myself and the panda for mr ang.. =) 

25฿ per pack.... i bought 6 packs 

a pack of 12 of these cute pencils cost 96฿
adding all the ling ling long long from chinatown in the morning... i hope i have hit at least 200 counts liao... will make up the shortfall with lollipops and chocolates.... 
bought these two passport covers from the same stationery shop just because i wanna wholesale price.... wahahahahaha.... will be keeping the white one for myself  while the blue one is for mr ang.... 

took a break from shopping to fill our tummy with our favourite snack - shrimp donuts from KFC @ 31฿ each... super yummy... a must try in bkk 

 ice-cream time....200฿ each

double chocolate with krispy rice mashmellow cone for ms chia, caramel with orea mashmellow cone for me and peach with fruity loop mashmellow cone for ms loh

we all looked so happy with our ice-cream in this pic so i am just gonna ignore their request and share this photo here.... =P 

final stop - along the street

Street Shopping in BKK has evolved into customised items

my new make-up pouch at 140฿ to replace my baby bag

luv the striking colours..... just nice as my laptop bag... =) ... 250฿ 

boxers for Alfred and Alvin at 50฿  each 

drawstring pants for Angela at 100฿ 

and lastly a 跑路袋 at 80฿  to bring home all my 战利品...=D

Bangkok is not that bad afterall when shopping is balanced with some interesting sight-seeing.... with mr ang having to trave to bangkok for work every other month, i guess i will be back in bangkok pretty soon too.... =D  

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