Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aesthetics Day & Art Exhibition 2014

Since all the core subjects have their own days/weeks for the pupils to engaged in the related activities and PE dept has Sports/Games Day, then Aesthetics department also must have a day where all the pupils get to celebrate the ARTS - music, visual arts, dance and drama. 

So in 2011, i roped in the music coordinator and both of us launched the very first Aesthetics Day. We arranged for dance programs and art activities for all the pupils on our special day. Artworks created by the pupils during the year's art lessons were also on display in the concourse and in 2 available classrooms as part of the JPS Art Exhibition and we had our first art trail during the day too. Finale for the day was our annual musical. 

Vivid memories of the art activities that year. We had pointillism for the P1, hand-printing for the P2, Nortan art for the P3, slippers painting for the P4, tape sculpturing for the P5 and graffiti for the P6. And for all the hard work and long hours we put in, Hui Miin and I won the pair OCA that year... =) 

Then, the baton was passed to Hui Miin to be overall in-charge in 2012, Hayati in 2013 and for this year, it landed on Mark's laps just because he wasn't around during the meeting to say no... oopx! I love how our aesthetic department 'musical chair' the programs every year so that new ideas are constantly injected just because the person-in-charge is different, has different ideas and objectives for the programs... =) 

And my contributions to this year's Aesthetic Day are:  

(1) put up as much artwork on the wall as possible for the art trail that Ain planned and as part of staircase deco. But could only do so for some of the artwork as others were either all sold at the art bazaar or too exploratory for display.... =P 

from the Primary 2s

(click link for close up) 

Origami in Term 4

from the Primary 3s

Paper Quilling in Term 1
(click link for close up) 

 Printmaking in Term 2
(click link for close up) 

Oil Pastel Blending in Term 3

Watercolour painting inspired by Eric Carle in Term 4

And yes, you saw it right... we even attached the book (bottom right) in which we used to inspire the kids for the term's lesson... =) ... Pupils can browse through it... i just hope that they will be gentle with the book... 

some close ups of the pupils' work:

from the Primary 5s

Papier Mache in Term 3
(click link for close up) 

from the Primary 6s

Fashion Design in Term 1
(click link for close up) 

Personal Project - Theme:SG 50 - Semester 2 

some close ups of the pupils' work:
am super proud of these pupils who had stretched their art  potential higher with their own research. effort and multiple practices

Luv this lesson idea by Ain

(2) planned the P1 and P2 art activity - Making a paper fan
Since the annual musical is on "Mulan", I decided to tie in the value/NE/CCE component on "Love for my Family, Love for my Country" into the art activity. It's a simple enough craft that most (i hope all actually) P1 and P2 pupils could do under the guidance of their form and co-form teachers... =) 

took lots of photos of pupils doing the art trail and the P2 making their paper fan....but but but they mysteriously disappeared from my camera/laptop/desktop/hard disk.... i must have thought i had transferred them when i deleted them.... haiz.... it was a case of "Lost in Transfer"... =S 

only memory is this sample that i did....

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