Friday, March 18, 2011

A story that made me cry...

A story that made me cry...

yes, i know... i do cry so super easily... so nothing new... =P
was in the bridesforum and ventured into "matters of the heart"... shocked and surprised (actually not really la) that so many (ex) husbands had strayed or is still straying...

one of the forumer posted this story below... deleted some parts which are too 啰嗦 and added in my thoughts (in blue) too...



(i agree ... cheaters should be treated like dirt... should feel happy that they are being removed from our life...)

他主动说起那个女孩,她朝气蓬勃,跟她在一起,他有被点燃的感觉。“她很天真,一点小事也能让她感到满足,跟她去購物,抽奖得了一块香皂;帶她去吃北京饺子;送她一只20元的电子表,給她买一個土渣兒餅.. ....她都会欣喜若狂。跟她在一起,我很放松,我可以抽烟抽的屋子裡一股烟味,我可以玩通宵麻將,跟朋友拼酒......和她在一起,我感觉心跳加速,幹什么都充滿力量”他陶醉在自己的幸福里。
(so 不要脸 to say all these infront of the wife's like adding salt to her wound...what he expect the wife to say??? congrats??? you found the right girl???)


我沒有天真单纯过吗?我沒有年轻美丽过吗?只是隔了十几年的婚姻,我却被明显貼上了旧爱的标签。我没有欣喜若狂过吗? 我把你以往送的一只铜戒指、一本书、一枚书签视若珍宝。我也十分爱過,可是走进婚姻,在爱你的同时,也得分出一分爱来爱你的爸妈,又得分一份來爱我们的孩子。
(so super agree with this paragraph.... women really do change in a marriage... but can we don't change??? how can any woman still be super chirpy and got the energy to act cute after working and doing household chores and looking after the kiddos??? try imagining a 30-40 years old woman being extremely excited over a yummilious cookie...provided the hubby (of 10 or more years) buys it for her in the first place lo)

离吧,离了看你得意多久,你十分爱她是吧?她也十分爱你是吧?走在一起后,像我们一样一起生活几十年,看你还会不会见到她就心跳加速,她现在能给你的都是十年前我给过你的,你就折腾去吧!等你折腾夠了就会发現,你只是把我們走过的路又重复走了一遍而已。 ”
(this story is so true and so real...most guys are just looking for the thrill in a relationship...once the thrill is no longer there, they tend to stray to experience the thrill in another relationship... worse when there are so many many temptations out i told Mr Ang... dear dear, you just stay home and be full time tuition teacher like me k??? .... i m protecting u from all the temptation leh.... oopx)

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