Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas corner in home sweet home

Christmas corner in home sweet home

din wanna get a actual christmas tree cos it's gonna take up my storeroom space for 11 months out of the 12 months every year and since i have a 'big' tree smacked in the 'middle' of my living room, might as well make use of it.... heee....

with a trip to diaso and a trip to ntuc, i managed to create my very own, special, unique, only one in the world diy decal xmas tree... wahahahahha....

i say it looks like a xmas tree means it LOOKS like a xmas tree....wahahhaha...self hypnosis....

imagine - flickering lights
(on a xmas tree)

reflection of flickering lights (of a xmas tree) on our marble floor... =)

The Ding Ding Dong Dongs on our Xmas tree 

i even had mr ang to push the shoe cabinet to this side of the wall so that i can deco deco it up abit also 



风水师 says that the left side of the wall where our decal tree is, is our 贵人处....we should place photos of friends and relatives and even namecards of companies and 大人物 in this area....

so for the last one month plus, i have been trying to put together all the photos of friends and relatives taken at our wedding onto 7 corkboards for display at our 贵人处....
the 8th board on the bottom right is where i attached the itsy bitsy stuff from the wedding, the luggage tag and 'poker' cards which we used as wedding favours, wedding activity booklet and the pack of crayons which we gave to kiddos at the wedding, the red packet (minus the cash of cos) from aaron and wifey, the handphone accessory which was given to some jiemeis to thank them for their sponsorship in services and in kinds, the pendant on the chain used to deco my flower bouquet during the pre-wedding shots, and the clipart of the wedding couple which was printed on the thank you card

okay, back to our 贵人们

abit messy as a whole as i tried to have different style for each board... bad idea though..... but was too lazy and too cheapo to want to do anything big scale and fanciful... overall, i will give it a 6.5 out of 10 for the effort put in....wahahaha.... need to plan and  conceptualise more.... maybe can touch up touch up a few years down the road bah.... or until the photos turn yellow....wahahhaha....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Creative Xmas Tree Ideas

Creative Xmas Tree Ideas

Christmas in a month's time.... time to convert my decal tree into a xmas tree lo.... went diaso and bought $26 worth of xmas ornaments... but it's really easier said than done lo... ornaments bought were too small....my tree, although triangular in shape just dozen look like a xmas tree at all.... went online to search for inspiration and was amazed at how creative people can be lo....gonna share some of my favourite diy xmas trees with all of u... =) 

my personal xmas tree is still a disaster.... will try my best at beautifying it for the next few days ...planning to get the nighted bulbs.... and unless i'm satisfied with it will there be a blogpost about it... heee

Bits and Pieces of Europe (4)

Bits and Pieces of Europe (4)

ferry ticket from athen (greece) to santorini.... my favourite favourite out of all the places we visited

our Bed & Breakfast

our favourite restaurant

our B&B owner managed to get us some discount for our day trip..... =)....  we took package 2 and had fun

free map of santorini

our day trip tickets.... =)
The last installment of our europe bits and pieces...=)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Europe (3)

Bits and Pieces of Europe (3)

 A must go place from Florence.... postcard view with every camera shot....=)

a handwritten instruction for everyone who took the train instead of continue the second round of the hike...and there were like at least 20 of us....hmmmm.... they could just print it out and fill in the time of the train right???? and the weird thing is that they wrote everything in capital letters...... 

many many train tickets from florence to the nearby places 

receipt from the Bed and Breadfast in venice

venice map at 1.50 euro....a total waste of money....not helpful at all as it impossible to navigate around the small alleys...

it's more helpful to look for the signages that point to the 2 main attraction...and there's no need to take waterbus at all when travelling within the same island.... it takes only about 20-25 minutes by foot from one end to the other end

day trip to the 3 islands of venice....

ATVO ticket and bus schedule - bus that took us from venice to airport

plane ticket from venice to greece

bus ticket from greece airport to our hotel near the port

network key given ...weird cos different level of the hotel has a different network key....

Bits and Pieces of Europe (2)

Bits and Pieces of Europe (2)
either his or mine was kept....couldnt match a pair....hahahha

this sticker thingy is so interesting and so considerate

yeap....i even stun the menu back....cos i had accidentally crumpled it a little so dun think they would wan to recycle it.... the coffee mousse was SUPER YUMMILIOUS lo.... =)

namecard of Bed & Breakfast place in Rome
  and its wifi access

Bus/Train Tickets

Entrance tickets to vatican museum...the one with tons and tons of (boring) white statues....yawnS....

Part of our rome map.... a must to have as the 'must visit' places in rome are mostly within 'walking' distance....

more parts on Bits & Pieces of Europe to come as i'm digitalising all the itsy bitsy stuff that i collected during the trip....had wanted to make a scrapbook on our honeymoony with these bits & pieces but was too busy & too lazy....oopx.... so took photos of them for membrance and in the bin they went...oopx.....=P